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Event Summary

Top Brand January 2019 available from 01/25/2019 to 01/31/2019 with "Pastel Night & Starry Night" themed rewards.

(Logo) Top Brand December 2018

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Event Story


Coco: The battle to decide the top brand will be held this month, too♪

Elisa: I took an extra training based on the jealousy I got from last time and now I am able to eat 5 MAX brand parfait!

Coco: It makes no sense.

Elisa: I wanna win for sure because Momo was so strong the last time!

Momo: Hehehe... Elisa, that is not enough!

Elisa: Momo!

Momo: Elisa, you must understand this event is not for competing how fast you can eat the parfait.

Coco: You are darn right...

Elisa: What... what are you saying!?

Coco: Did you really think so?

Momo: Appealing lots of your own brand attraction is required!

Elisa: Appealing, huh? Alright, I am boosting up my passion!

Coco: Now you are getting the point! Let's hang in there together♪


Brad: Darn... I'm doing so hard... But how come I can't beat Momo at anything...

Elisa: Brad, I know exactly how you feel!!!

Brad: Elisa!? Could it be that you were beaten by Momo...!?

Elisa: Yap! Back to the basics, we need a training to eat Parfait fast and beat Momo!

Brad: I see! Do you have any tips to eat Parfait fast?

Elisa: Of course!! Let's take special training to eat 10 MAX Brand Parfait at once together!!

~ In the meantime... ~

Momo: My brand won 4 times in a row. It's just a matter of time before the whole world turns pink.

Coco: ... Momo, where are you going?

Momo: Pink will become more attractive by combining with other colors...! So it's time to go on a journey!!


Brand Winner's Reward

Join the Event and get a Character Decor of Winning Brand♡ Let's have a Show together♡

※ "Participating Reward" will be deposited to your Present Box within 24 hours after Brand Battle of each Term.

※ It will be only for the customers who earn more than 500,000pt





Ranking Rewards

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Face) Night Dress Party Dreamy Cute Sleep Face ver.A pale blue
  • (Show Items) Dreamy Fluffy Party Stage ver.1
  • (Tops) Night Dress Counting Sheep Style ver.A pink
  • (Hairstyle) Night Dress Party Night Sky Fluffy Hair ver.A pink
  • (Tops) Night Dress Party Star Dress ver.A pink
  • (Pant&Skirt) Night Dress Bows on Tights and Fluffy Slippers ver.A white
  • (Avatar Decor) Gathering Night Dress Party with Sheep ver.A pink
  • (Head Accessories) Aries Night Dress Cap ver.A pink
(Rewards) Top Brand January 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 1

Term 1 Ranking Rewards

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Face) Night Dress Party Temping Gentle Face ver.A purple
  • (Show Items) Party at Starry Night Stage ver.1
  • (Tops) Night Dress Party Sitting on Moon ver.A purple
  • (Hairstyle) Night Dress Party Waving Constellation Hair ver.A purple
  • (Tops) Night Dress Party Starlit Dress ver.A purple
  • (Outerwear) Night Dress Party Having Lots of Stars ver.A purple
  • (Avatar Decor) Night Dress Party Starry Sky Canopy ver.A purple
  • (Head Accessories) Night Dress Party Starry Sky Head Accessory ver.A purple
(Rewards) Top Brand January 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 2

Term 2 Ranking Rewards

Daily Showcasing Points

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Hairstyle) Night Dress Party Tied Up Twin Tails Hair ver.A pink - Day 1
  • (Show Items) Night Dress Party Curtain Decor1 ver.1 - Day 2
  • (Face Accessories) Night Dress Party Fluffy Rabbit Cap ver.A pink - Day 3

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Avatar Decor) Night Dress Party Stylish Light ver.A orange - Day 1
  • (Tops) Night Dress Party Fluffy Style ver.A pink - Day 2
  • (Wallpaper/Profile) Night Dress Party Watching Full Moon Wallpaper ver.A purple - 7,000,000 Showcasing Points Day 3



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