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Event Summary

Top Brand February 2019 available from 02/22/2019 to 02/28/2019 with "Retro World & Virutal World" themed rewards.

(Logo) Top Brand December 2018

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Event Story


Elisa: Momo went on a trip in pursuit of cuteness. But What's going to happen about Top Brand of this month?

Coco: A newcomer seems to join in. Who is it?

Tsubaki: Hello.

Coco: Tsubaki, hello. I wonder... are you going to entry to the event?

Tsubaki: Yes. I came here from the city of Japanese style to let people know about Kimono and Japanese style.

Elisa: I'll give you an advice as your senior. That's the key to win how fast you can eat a parfait!

Coco: Oh Elisa.... It's important to give a good impression about Brand to all.

Tsubaki: As you can have a parfait without any trouble, what a fabulous event it is! (I would like to make an appeal for boosting kimono lovers)

Elisa: Don't you think upside down like a principles and real intention case?

Tsubaki: Uh? is it different? It is not lying to prevail the goodies on kimono anyway.

Elisa: I think it is better wearing kimono and having a sweets might be a lot of fun!

Coco: Yeah, the collaboration between Japanese and western in style.

Tsubaki: Uh,,, yes, I eat parfait a lot and I am trying to appeal harder.


Elisa: Brad was glad that he got the championship because he was told how to eat parfait quickly!

Coco: Is there a relationship?

Elisa: I'm thinking I should tell Tsubaki, a new comer!

Coco: Well, I cannot imagine Tsubaki eating fast. Anyways, shall we go.

· · ·

Tsubaki: Eating parfait quickly? I am pretty confident. Please watch.

!?!? The parfait... is gone...!?

Tsubaki: Whenever I ate sweets, I was eating secretly, so I could finis eating it in a moment!

Coco: W...Why can everybody eat so fast? It is terrible...

Tsubaki: Whizz! (sound of parfait disappearing)


Promo-Only Super Special Bonus

Get 135,000,000 points over 6 days to get a reward. (From 02/22/2019 Fri 15:00 to 02/28/2019 (Thu) 15:00 (JST))

Brand Winner's Reward

Join the Event and get a Character Decor of Winning Brand♡ Let's have a Show together♡

※ "Participating Reward" will be deposited to your Present Box within 24 hours after Brand Battle of each Term.

※ It will be only for the customers who earn more than 500,000pt





Ranking Rewards

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Face) Retro Planet Staring Galaxy Tongue Out Face ver.A pink
  • (Show Items) Pixel Retro World Stage ver.1
  • (Tops) Retro Planet UFO Seat Style ver.A pink
  • (Hairstyle) Retro Planet Long Bun Hair ver.A pink
  • (Tops) Retro Planet Stardust Ribbon Dress ver.A purple
  • (Pant&Skirt) Retro Planet Stardust Boots Nebula Walk ver.A purple
  • (Avatar Decor) Retro Planet Pixel Memories ver.A pink
  • (Head Accessories) Retro Planet Galaxy Heart Goggles ver.A purple
(Rewards) Top Brand February 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 1

Term 1 Ranking Rewards

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Face) Virtual Planet Shiny Pompous Face ver.A purple
  • (Show Items) Viritaul Play Room Stage ver.1
  • (Tops) Virtual Planet Pixel Shooter Style ver.A blue
  • (Hairstyle) Virtual Planet Anteena Long Hair ver.A green
  • (Tops) Virtual Planet Pixel Friends Dress ver.A green
  • (Hand Accessories) Virtual Through Monitor ver.A green
  • (Back Accessories) Virtual Planet Bike Leapt Through Future ver.A black
  • (Head Accessories) Virtual Planet Star Sound Headphones ver.A blue
(Rewards) Top Brand February 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 2

Term 2 Ranking Rewards

Daily Showcasing Points

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Hairstyle) Planet Girl Curly Twin Tail Hair ver.A green - Day 1
  • (Show Items) Pixel Planet Decor1 ver.1 - Day 2
  • (Head Accessories) Planet Girl Rabbit Ear Hat ver.A black - Day 3

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Back Accessories) Twinkle Star Planet ver.A yellow - Day 1
  • (Tops) Planet Girl Onstage Dress ver.A green - Day 2
  • (Wallpaper/Profile) Milky Way Planet Wallpaper ver.A blue - Day 3



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