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Event Summary

Top Brand December 2018 available from 12/17/2018 to 12/23/2018 with "Sweet & Dark Rose" themed rewards.

(Logo) Top Brand December 2018

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Event Story


Coco: Listen Elisa! There seems to be an event held to decide CocoPPa world top brand.

Elisa: Is that right!?

Coco: It seems we can set up a brand too.

Elisa: Is that we can made Elisa brand!?

Coco: That is right, would you like to enter together?

Elisa: Of course I will enter that!! What can I do to be a top brand!?

Coco: It is said that to appeal for brand with our counterparts.

Elisa: I see! We are going to appeal against the opposite brands, is that right?

Coco: Moreover to appeal ourselves, we should eat parfait?

Elisa: What...!? Then, I'm sure win!! This is pretty much like an event made for me!!

Coco: It is Elisa's good field, is not it? But I will not lose it either?

Elisa: I will not modest for Coco either!!

Coco: Fu, fu. Momo said she will enter too.

Elisa: Those who are in other towns enter too! It is thrilling!!!

Coco: We shall do our best to be the top brand.


Elisa: My dream of Elisa Brand becoming a top was destroyed......How sad.....

Coco: Oh well, don't be so disappointed, Elisa. You should start working hard so you can aim for next opportunity!

Elisa: ... You are right! I will train hard and make myself eat three MAX Brand parfaits at a time until next challenge!

Coco: That doesn't mean anything, does it...?


Brand Winner's Reward

Join the Event and get a Character Decor of Winning Brand♡ Let's have a Show together♡

※ "Participating Reward" will be deposited to your Present Box within 24 hours after Brand Battle of each Term.

※ It will be only for the customers who earn more than 500,000pt



What's New



Ranking Rewards

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Face) Sweet Rose Gentle Sorrow Face ver.A pink
  • (Show Items) Garden with Throwing Sweet Rose Light Stage ver.1 - Rank 1-40
  • (Tops) Sweet Rose Birdcage Lolita Dress Style ver.A pink - Rank 1-70
  • (Hairstyle) Sweet Rose Wavy Pigtails Hair ver.A pink - Rank 1-300
  • (Tops) Sweet Rose Jewelry Ribbon Dress ver.A pink - Rank 1-500
  • (Pant&Skirt) Sweet Rose Girl's Knee-High and Pumps ver.A pink - Rank 1-2000
  • (Avatar Decor) Sweet Rose Garden Fountain ver.A white - Rank 1-5000
  • (Head Accessories) Head Accessories) Sweet Rose Headdress ver.A white - Rank 1-10000
(Rewards) Top Brand December 2018 - Ranking Rewards Term 1

Ranking Rewards Term 1

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Face) Dark Rose Fascinating Soft Smiling Face ver.A purple - Rank 1-40
  • (Show Items) Dark Rose Full Moon and Entrance of Garden Stage ver.1 - Rank 1-70
  • (Tops) Dark Rose Thorn Gothic Dress Style ver.A purple - Rank 1-150
  • (Hairstyle) Dark Rose Straight Bangs Long Curly Hair ver.A silver - Rank 1-300
  • (Tops) Dark Rose Shiny Lace Dress ver.A purple - Rank 1-500
  • (Outerwear) Dark Rose Bouquet for Loved One ver.A purple - Rank 1-1000
  • (Avatar Decor) Gazebo of Dark Rose Garden ver.A black - Rank 1-5000
  • (Head Accessories) Dark Rose Volume Veil Hat ver.A black - Rank 1-10000
(Rewards) Top Brand December 2018 - Ranking Rewards Term 2

Ranking Rewards Term 2

Daily Showcasing Points

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Hairstyle) Natural Flower Fluffy Wavy Hair ver.A black - Day 1
  • (Show Items) Natural Flower in Garden Decor1 ver.1 - Day 2
  • (Outerwear) Natural Flower Colorful Shower ver.A white - Day 3

Term 2 Rewards

  • (Back Accessories) Natural Flower Petals Falling Softly ver.A white - Day 1
  • (Tops) Natural Flower Mini Dress ver.A white - Day 2
  • (Wallpaper/Profile) Natural Flower Antique Wallpaper ver.A beige - Day 3



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