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Event Summary

Top Brand April 2019 available from 04/24/2019 to 04/30/2019 with "Secret Fleur" themed rewards.

(Logo) Top Brand April 2019

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Event Story


Coco: We are holding Top Brand this month again----

Momo: I'm back!

Elisa: Momo ! ! !

Coco: Welcome back♪ We all waited for you !

Elisa: You are finally back ! Let me show you how much training of speed eating I had !!

Coco: Oh yeah... I remember she did such thing... Hmm? Momo, what's in your hands?

Momo: Hehe, I glad you noticed. Actually I made many things during my journey♪

Coco: It's so pink and cute.

Momo: That's right♪♪

Elisa: W, what, I didn't know that! Buuuuuut !! I will win this time !!!!


Elisa: Hey Coco, did you notice?

Coco: About what?

Elisa: Momo's speed of eating Parfait was much faster than before !!!

Coco: ...huh ?

Elisa: Maybe she wasn't playing but training...!!! How formidable she is ...

Coco: (Oh my poor Elisa ...)


Super Special Bonus

Earn 63,000,000 or 135,000,000 Showcasing Points to get another version of the Hairstyle and Face from Term 1's rewards. (From 04/24/2019 (Wed) to 04/30/2019 (Tue) 15:00 (JST))

※ The reward item will be deposited to your Present Box WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER EVENT ENDS.

Brand Winner's Reward

Join the Event and get a Character Decor of Winning Brand♡ Let's have a Show together♡

※ "Participating Reward" will be deposited to your Present Box within 24 hours after Brand Battle of each Term.

※ It will be only for the customers who earn more than 500,000pt





Ranking Rewards

Term 1

  • (Face) Secret Fleur Smile Face ver.A blue
  • (Show Items) Secret Fleur Sunlight Stage ver.1
  • (Tops) Secret Fleur Tea Time Style ver.A pink
  • (Hairstyle) Secret Fleur Very Curly Long Hair ver.A pale brown
  • (Tops) Secret Fleur Frilled Dress ver.A pale blue
  • (Pant&Skirt) Secret Fleur Frilled Pumps ver.A pale blue
  • (Avatar Decor) Secret Fleur Gazebo ver.A pale brown
  • (Head Accessories) Secret Fleur Rose Hair Ornament ver.A red
(Rewards) Top Brand April 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 1

Term 1 Ranking Rewards

Term 2

  • (Face) Secret Fleur Downcast Face ver.A purple
  • (Show Items) Secret Fleur Room Stage
  • (Tops) Secret Fleur with Flowers ver.A pink
  • (Hairstyle) Secret Fleur Curly Long Hair ver.A purple
  • (Tops) Secret Fleur Frilled Corset Dress ver.A red
  • (Outerwear) Secret Fleur Khaju Stall ver.A cream
  • (Back Accessories) Secret Fleur Rose Trellis ver.A brown
  • (Body Accessories) Secret Fleur Flowered Umbrella ver.A brown
(Rewards) Top Brand April 2019 - Ranking Rewards Term 2

Term 2 Ranking Rewards

Daily Showcasing Points

Term 1 Rewards

  • (Hairstyle) Secret Fleur Fluffy Braided Hair ver.A brown - Day 1
  • (Show Items) Secret Fleur Arch Decor1 ver.1 - Day 2
  • (Outerwear) Secret Fleur Rose Stall ver.A pale brown - Day 3

Term 2

  • (Body Accessories) Secret Fleur with Books ver.A pale blue - Day 1
  • (Tops) Secret Fleur Apron Dress ver.A jade green - Day 2
  • (Wallpaper/Profile) Secret Fleur Rose Garden Wallpaper ver.A jade green - Day 3



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