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Top Brand is a type of Event where players choose different Brands (team) and verse against each other by showcasing and battling.

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Players will be able to choose one brand out of 8 Character Brands.


This is the brand of this sweetest, kindest Coco who is the guide here in CocoPPa town. In fact, Coco used to be a talented fashion model. We are looking for those who want to get dressed in various kinds of outfits from cute to sexy♡


This is the brand of this chirpy cheerful Elisa. She's thinking the showcase battle as a who can eat the first battle of parfait. We are looking for those who want to enjoy wearing casual and trendy fashion!
Elisa's brand which is always energetic. She seems mistaken about the Showcasing Battle as the parfait eating contest. Currently looking for someone who wants to enjoy casual and stylish fashion!


Loves pink, an expert of cute outfits. Momo's brand. He persuades a pinkie town's radical party who plans to dye the world pink. His real name is Momotarou. Let's make a cute brand together."

※ Momo has been removed and replaced by Tsubaki.


This is the Beat brand who is dance group's leader! He is actualy shy and hate to perform in front of other people and trying so hard to overcome it! Looking for new members who love singing and dancing.


This is the Brad brand who is very polite, yet modest and easy to talk guy. He seems to get along with ghosts who sometimes trick him...? His trademark is Gothic costumes and a red rose.


This is the brand of Kirari who is the centre of Toy Land. She entertains everyone at the show without forgetting a child mind at all times! Let's aim at the top while having fun with her in the marching style♪


It is Nat's brand who lives in the lost forest. He can talk to forest friends. He seems to be fond of natural fashion. In fact, his ears and tail are...?


The former genius hair stylist, Shepard's brand. He has the soft smile on his face at all times, and tends to be prone to make sily mistakes, too. Why don't you go and get a sheep fluffy!


This is TSUBAKI Brand. TSUBAKI is a top model of Wa Style Town who loves kimono. She yearns for other cultures a bit since she has too many Wa style things. It is sometimes witnessed that she is eating a cake secretly. Let's enjoy Wa culture with her♪


This is Robin Brand. He is a leader of 'Fort of Warriors'. He made the team for living, and help physical labor of each town. A pacifist. Looking for stoic Warriors!


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1st Announcement


The new event "Top Brand" will be released in the near future


Are the town characters of CocoPpa Play launched the bradn!?

To be the top brand, lets appear the brand much with friends belong to the same brand

How to Play

The total number of brands are 8! The beginning of even, you can entry your favorite brand♪

Coco, Elisa, Momo, Beat, Brad, Kirari, Nat and Shepard

The event will start after matching♪

Let's aim to be the top brand win the tournament!

Let's go to appeal your own brand to the member of the opponent brands!

You can do Showcasing Battle by cheering for the member of the opponent brand♡

What is Showcasing Battle??

The battle will progress by easy operation♪

Tap the heart floating on the screen and gather the Showcasing Point!

If the value of the charm is increasing, the point you can get will increase too♡

The outcome of the game will depend on the total number of Showcasing Point of the member gathered the same brand! Plus! You can support the member by cheering for the brand belonging to the same brand!

Let's GET the reward item a lot by the out come of the game, or by the individual ranking♪

※ Please note that the images may look different from the actual appearance as they are still under development.

The information of how to play "Top Brand" will be released little by little♪

Please look forward to the next information♪

2nd Announcement



If you cheer some ally members who belong to the same brand, you can also support! If you support, we will present a gift heart to your friend☆

There are benefits for yourself if you supported♪

You can recover the necessary Brand Power (BP) if tapping heart♡

~Top Model~

The top five rankings of each brandw ill be called top models!

If you battle the top model of your opponent's brand...! ?

Top models will be released when ranking orders are updated.

If you rank in the final top 5 people of the day, you will get a top model reward! !

Besides, there are lots of rewards♪

Let's play the event and get it!

Pre-Entry Announcement


New event "Top Brand" Term 1, Pre-Entry is starting now!

Entry period: on December 16, from 15:00 to December 17, 14:59 (JST)

Don't forget to enter as you will get event items as Pre-Entry reward!

- If you don't entry during the Pre-entry, you will join some brand automatically

- Term 2 Pre-Entry Period: on December 19. from 15:00 to December 20, 15:00

~Limited Entry~

- In Pre-Entry, if there is a big different between the number of people for each brand, the entry restriction may work temporarily.

The entry restriction will continue until the big difference decreases.


You will be able to obtain many rewards in "Top Brand". Here's more information on reward!

- Individual Ranking Reward will give you wonderful rewards♡ ... This is the main reward you will get! Every term, new reward will start!

- You can get Daily showcasing point♡ ... According to your daily showcasing point, you will get rewards every day! There are costume items, too!

- Depending on your daily point win or loss, you will get premium gacha ticket♡ ... All three days will be counted, so even if you lose once you still have a chance of winning!

- Participate in this event! You will get Event Participation Reward♡ ... You will get this reward even if you lose a battle!

- Become a Top Model You will get a Premium Rare Gacha♡ .. On the third day, you will receive two tickets!

※ Please check the event TOP as depending on the kind of reward, you need to get more than certain Showcasing points in order to get a reward!


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