• I would like to help out! I can take screenhots of gatchas and events. I don’t know how to edit or anything (I’ve never edited on a fansite before) but I admire the work you do and would like to help out. The rules page doesn’t have guidelines or anything on how to do things so I wouldn’t know where to start, haha.

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    • Thank you for being interested! Oh boy where do I start? To learn the Wiki basics you can look at this page. I can't really help you too much with that but I'll do my best to help out if you are stuck or give some tips.

      To edit a gacha page (Clover Leaf 777th usually does event pages but they generally have the same concepts) you:

      1. Screenshot all the things you need.
      2. You crop them everything up. For gacha items (or photos that need to be cropped at the same size), you can use an editing program (such as photoshop) and crop them all the size same time. I don't really know any alternatives, possibly Fire Alpaca
      3. You upload them named by using Special:MultipleUpload or Special:Upload. Gacha items are usually named as '(Item Type) name.jpg/png'. It doesn't matter if it is jpg or png
      4. You put them all on a preload page and fill out the information.

      Sorry for the mess but I'll make a gacha guide right now since I'm going to make a page. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions.

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    • Draft 1 of the Gacha Guide is up!

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    • And there is also this page. By the way these links can be found in "Tutorials" in Guidelines

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