• Please notice that we are not the official CocoPPa Play Team and may not be able to provide answer to your question. However, please don't hesitate to ask. There is a chance we know the answer to your question!

    Most of the FAQ was taken from the Unofficial Facebook page.

    Contacting Support:
    These are the following ways to contact support team

    • In the CocoPPa Play App: Menu > Help/How To > Contact us
    • In the CocoPPa Play App: Menu > Inquiry
    • Email:

    We understand there are many thread about sudden language change or how to change it to English. We sorry to tell you but we do not have the answer to this problem. We ask users to email the support team and have yet to hear back from them. Please email the support team on how to change the language to English.

    It will be super helpful if someone tell us what the support team say to change the language to English! We have so many question on this we just don't have the answer. :c

    Lost account/ Can't get into account:

    • If you registered your account, all you need to do is input your email and password.
    • If you can't remember your password or never registered your account you're gonna have to make a temporary account and contact support from the app. Be sure to include as much info about your account as possible. Such as; account level, amount of coins, recent gacha played/recent received item(s), the day you created your account, etc.

    Lagging/Long loading:
    This is either your internet connection or CocoPPa Play server. If you have any other app on your device and the connection is working fine, the answer is most likely CocoPPa Play server.

    "I didn't get x from the login bonus/I know I didn't miss a day" or "I didn't get x item when I should have":

    • If you didn't get the last item(s) from the login then you missed logging in a day or more.
    • If you're 100% sure you logged in everyday and didn't get the last item you're gonna have to take the issue to support.
    • If you didn’t get a special log in bonus item then you need to email support.
    • If you're missing an item please make sure you met the requirements to getting the item. (such as event items) If you have met said requirements, take a screen shot for proof and contact support.

    My item(s) are missing:
    If you have an item or items missing, try closing and then re-opening the app. If your items are still missing then you're gonna have to contact support.

    Selling Account:
    Selling ones account is against the Terms of Use. Please note you are responsible when selling account. Please do not email support if you been scammed through account selling.

    Although we do not want any repeated thread, if you still have question please don't hesitate on creating one.

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