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For our valued customers with love...♡

Limited-Time Special Promotion started!

Promotion Period

02/08/2017 (Wed) 15:00 to 02/16/2017 (Thu) 15:00 (JST)


"10Play Gacha Ticket" Coming Out♪

"10Play Gacha Ticket" is now available as one of those Gacha Tickets at your request!

What is "10Play Gacha Ticket"? It is a Ticket that allows you to play "10 Play" of Premium Gacha ♪

※ You can get the Bonus Item as well if you play "10 Play + 2 Bonus Gacha".

How to Get "10Play Gacha Ticket"?

Go visit the Ongoing Event "LOVE❤POWER " and Tap "Get Items". "10Play Gacha Ticket" is there♪

Choose the One you Like♡

Each Pack is purchasable only once a day

  • Lite Pack is 50% OFF
    • (Items) 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket x1
    • (Items) MAX Charge Drink x3
  • Super Pack is 60% OFF
    • (Items) 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket x2
    • (Items) Golden Magical Box x5
    • (Items) MAX Charge Drink x5

Good Buy! "Valentine's Day Pack"

More Bonus Items for "10Play"♪

"VIP Gacha Ticket" & "10Play Ticket" coming out as a Bonus Item for "10Play + 2 Bonus Gacha"!

More Limited Items for Special Valentine's Day Promo♪

  • (Items) 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket x1
  • (Items) VIP Ticket x1
  • (Items) Heart Gift x8000

● Promo Gacha ●

All "10 Play + 2 Bonus Gacha" released during this Promo period

※ All Promo "10 Play + 2 Bonus Gacha" have the promo label on the right side.


Cheer and Get Special Item♪

Collect Heart Gifts by Cheering and Trade it for Special Item!

How to Play


Cheer and Get Heart Gift♪

You will get more than 10 Heart Gifts every time Cheering once!

The number of Heart Gifts may vary every time you cheer♡


Collect Heart Gifts by Cheering and Trade it for Special Item♪

To Trade, go visit "Trade Heart Gift for Item" on the Top of Event page!

You could trade your Heart Gifts for "10Play Ticket"!?

Valentine's Day Promotion - Heart Gift

(Items) Heart Gift

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