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Event Summary

Snap Contest 7 was available from 04/26/2017 to 04/30/2017 (4 Day Snap Contest) with thief and detective themed clothing as the Style and Judge Point Rewards. Nephesh Party, Before Going Out..., Midnight Crazy School Remix and Circus Fantasma Remix were gachas used as a theme for each day.

Event Story

Elisa: Coco, I'm into drama recently...

Coco: What kind of drama?

Elisa: Well... The drama describes strategies of the mind between a thief and a detective! 

Coco: (She might be influenced by the drama)

Elisa: Both the thief and the detective are really cool! I admire them!

Coco: By the way, the rewards of the present Snap Contest are the thief and detective costumes.

Elisa: W, What? I have to inspect them...

Coco: Here they are, Detective Elisa.

Elisa: This is my ideal thiet! In the name of Thief Elisa, I should get them!

Coco: Anyways, let's go for it!

Elisa: I got the reward for the Snap Contest this time too! Continued from last time ♪

Coco: It is amazing, Elisa, I reviewed a little.

Elisa: It is natural! For the “thief” Elisa this is a lot easier!

Coco: … No way Elisa. The reward for that Snap Contest …

Elisa: Ha ha ha… Well, take a look at the rewards you got!

Elisa: What! Is it? This is… Double Capture Gloves!? … It should not be this!!!

Coco: … It looks like Elisa

Theme List

Arabian Night

Event Gacha: Nephesh Party

  • “Slip back in time to ancient Arabic world!?” An ancient royal palace appeared suddenly “Which is the ancient queen who are standing still in the temple?”
(Theme) Snap Contest 7 - Arabian Night

Arabian Night

A moment before going out

Event Gacha: Before Going Out

  • “Which should I choose…” There’s no time for an appointment! “Which is the best outfit for going out?”
(Theme) Snap Contest 7 - A moment before going out

A moment before going out

Midnight School

Event Gacha: Midnight Crazy School

  • “Midnight bell is ringing!” It’s the class bell of ghost’s school. “Which is the No.1 fashionable person of the school appearing in the dark night?”
(Theme) Snap Contest 7 - Midnight School

Midnight school

Let’s do circus!

Event Gacha: Circus Fantasma

  • “Circus is coming to town!” Once I followed to enter inside, there was a space filled with dream. “Which circus member can entertain everybody?’
(Theme) Snap Contest 7 - Let's do circus!

Let's do circus!



Style Points Rewards - Thief

  • Day 1: (Head Accessories) Phantom Thief Hat ver.A blue- Rank 1-1000
  • Day 1: (Avatar Decor) Stolen Jewelry and Cards ver.A purple - Rank 1-500
  • Day 2: (Hairstyle) Phantom Thief Long Ponytail Hair ver.A blue - Rank 1-200
  • Day 3: (Tops) Phantom Thief Girl Style ver.A blue - Rank 1-75
  • Day 4: (Face) Phantom Thief Fearless Smile ver.A blue - Rank 1-25

Judge Points Rewards - Detective

  • Day 1: (Avatar Decor) Detective Desk and Chair ver.A pink - Rank 1-000
  • Day 1: (Head Accessories) Detective Check Print Coat and Hat ver.A pink - Rank 1-500
  • Day 2: (Hairstyle) Detective Asymmetry Long Hair ver.A pink - Rank 1-200
  • Day 3: (Tops) Detective Check Print Dress ver.A pink - Rank 1-75
  • Day 4: (Face) Burn with a sense of Justice Smile Face ver.A pink - Rank-1-25

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