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Event Summary

Snap Contest 5 was available from 02/23/2017 to 02/28/2017 (5 Day Snap Contest) with dream-themed clothing as the Style and Judge Point Rewards. Shining☆Starlight, FINDER OUTSIDE!, Alto Ruins Remix, Girly Dolly Remix and Sexy Geisha House were gachas used as a theme for each day.

Theme List


Event Gacha: Shining☆Starlight

  • “Hi, everyone! Thank you for waiting for me!” Changing into Pop Star from regular girl wearing special outfit ♪. I’m a star. Need fashion style makes me feel great.

First Date


  • Today I’m going on first date with someone I like. Dressed up to impress him. “Which style would he prefer?”

Flowers in Castle Garden

Event Gacha: Alto Ruins

  • “Landscape at the end of Forest…” Wandered into blooming garden of legendary castle!? “Which will be exploring this mysterious world?”

My Little Girl

Event Gacha: Girly Dolly

  • My precious doll. We will be friends, forever. “How shall I dress you today?”

Horror Night

Event Gacha: Sexy Geisha House

  • “Hey… Why don’t we hang out together?” This voice reminded me of rumor heard around this building. “Which is the Ghost sneaking up behind me…?


Style Point Rewards

  • Day 1: (Head Accessories) Night Dream Flower Head Dress ver.A blue - Rank 1-000
  • Day 2: (Avatar Decor) Midnight Entering into Picture Book and Dream ver.A blue - Rank 1-500
  • Day 3: (Hairstyle) Night Dream Wavy Long Hair ver.A blue - Rank 1-200
  • Day 4: (Tops) Midnight Dreaming Girl Style ver.A blue - Rank 1-75
  • Day 5: (Face) Night Dream Drowsing Face ver.A blue - Rank-1-25

Judge Points Reward

  • Day 1: (Outerwear) Afternoon Dream coming out of Picture Book ver.B pink - Rank 1-000
  • Day 2: (Avatar Decor) Daydream World of Picture Book ver.A pink - Rank 1-500
  • Day 3: (Hairstyle) Daydream Long Twin Tail Hair ver.A yellow - Rank 1-200
  • Day 4: (Tops) Afternoon Wishing One-Piece ver.A pink - Rank 1-75
  • Day 5: (Face) Daydream Smiling Face ver.A brown - Rank-1-25

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