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Event Summary

Snap Contest 3 was available from 12/26/2016 to 12/31/2016 (5 Day Snap Contest) with love-themed clothing as the Style and Judge Point Rewards. UNDER CORE, Glass Vampire, Fabulous Elixir Lake, Wonderful Date and Delicious My Love were gachas used as a theme for each day.

Theme List

Day 1: Protect You!

Event Gacha: UNDER CORE

  • "I will do anything to protect you." The battle to protect you in the neon district. Hey... Which Fashion Style will protect you?

Day 2: Vampire War

Event Gacha: Glass Vampire

  • "Don't worry, I won't take your blood yet." The ruler of the Vampires will take you. Who has the best Vampire Style?

Day 3: Unicorn Dream

Event Gacha: Fabulous Elixir Lake

  • "My horn can cure anybody and anything." On the special night where you met a unicorn. Which fashion leads you to the mystical lake?

Day 4: Date & Date

Event Gacha: Wonderful Date

  • "What to wear for the special date..." For a junior high, too much thinking in front of the mirror. You know what! I'm just gonna wear things!!

Day 5: Macaroon Love

Event Gacha: Delicious My Love

  • "Hoping that you say it tastes good." Macaroon for my beloved one. Which one will you say yummy and stylish?


Style Points Rewards

  • Day 1: (Avatar Decor) Carrying Love Cupids ver.A pink - Rank 1-1000
  • Day 2: (Body Accessories) Cupid Flying Down Spot ver.A pink - Rank 1-500
  • Day 3: (Hairstyle) Heart Braided Long Hair ver.A yellow - Rank 1-200
  • Day 4: (Tops) Carrying Love Cupid Style ver.A pink - Rank 1-75
  • Day 5: (Face) Cupid Taking Shot Face ver.A pink - Rank 1-25

Judge Points Rewards

  • Day 1: (Head Accessories) In Love Ribbon Headband ver.A pink - Rank 1-1000
  • Day 2: (Avatar Decor) Sudden Rain. And then… ver.A pink - Rank 1-500
  • Day 3: (Hairstyle) Fluffy Volume Twin Tails ver.A brown - Rank 1-200
  • Day 4: (Tops) Fluffy Date One-Piece ver.A white - Rank 1-75
  • Day 5: (Face) In Love Girl Teary Face ver.B pink - Rank 1-25

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