Event Summary

Romantic Opera was a Club Event available from 01/18/2019 to 01/25/2019 with "Opera Theater" themed rewards.

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Event Story


Coco: Here we are, at the theater Momo was talking.

Elisa: According to Momo, they only have female member...

Emilian: "No more leaving. Can't lose you again. With you, I have..."

Marianne: "No more waiting. I already have..."

Emilian & Marianne: "Fell in love...!!"

Coco: Wow. ♪ Rehearsal is ongoing.

Marianne: Oh? You must be the friends of Momo's...?

Elisa: Yup. We've heard that you're play is fantastic.

Marianne: Oh, sweetie. But the theater is under renovation. The show cannot go on now.

Emilian: We need more men, and asked Momo for some help.

Elisa: Alright, looks like we have to help your work... What can we do for you?

Marianne: Making actress more stylish, the theater may be more stylish, too.

Coco: ...And which means, we need Style Beam, right?

Elisa: (Always wonder how it works, but I dare say nothing...)


Emilian: "Marianne!!"

Marianne: "Emilian..!!"

Emilian & Marianne: "I will never leave you alone..."

Elisa: ...I've never watched an opera before, but it was quite emotional and moving.

Coco: Yup... Good to watch a happy ending...

Elisa: So cute. You're a sentimentalist, Coco.


Hyper Limited Time Bonus

MAX Style 6 Double Super Rares and 43 Normal+ Characters that ‘you discovered’ to get rewards. (The Characters you MAX from helping other people will not be counted.) (From 01/18/2019 (Fri) 15:00 to 01/19/2019 (Sat) 22:00 (JST))

Limited Time Bonus 1

Reach 360,000, 1,700,000, or 5,300,000 Style Points to get rewards. (From 01/18/2019 (Fri) 15:00 to 01/22/2019 (Tue) 15:00 (JST))

Limited Time Bonus 2

Max Style 240 or 900 Normal+ Characters and 30 Double Super Rare Characters that you discovered to get rewards. (From 01/22/2019 (Tue) 15:00 to 01/25/2019 (Fri) 15:00 (JST))

Club Consecutive Bonus

Cooperate with your club members to get rewards in each term!

Win 1st Place Consecutively from Day 1 to Day 4 and Get Rewards (From 01/18/2019 15:00 ~ 01/22/2019 15:00 (JST))
  • Premium Rare Ticket x1
Win 1st Place Consecutively from Day 5 to Final and Get Rewards (From 01/22/2019 15:00 ~ 01/25/2019 15:00 (JST))
  • Premium Rare Ticket x1
(Bonus) Romantic Opera - Consecutive Bonus

※ NOTE each reward will be given ONLY WHEN you have more than 10 Million pt INDIVIDUALLY by the end of 4th day and more than 45 Million pts INDIVIDUALLY by the end of Final.

Club Ranking Bonus

All the Clubs ranked in the Top 10 will get this reward! (From 01/18/2019 (Fri) 15:00 ~ 01/25/2019 (Fri) 15:00 (JST))

Event Quotes



  • (Group) I can play as well as younger actresses!!
  • I'll get the part of heroine by Style Beam...
  • Wish to be young forever.

MAX Style

  • (Group) I can be more stylish actress.
  • Almost forgot... Our purpose is renovation.
  • Keep going, carry on!!



  • (Group) Only Style Beam can help our renovation.
  • I wish I could be a little bit more fashionable...
  • Give me Beam, and I'll give you a song.

MAX Style

  • (Group) Wonderful! This will make us more stylish.
  • OK. Let me sing ♪
  • Now I can make our show more romantic!!



  • (Group) Much stronger, and more beautiful!
  • Give me Beam, and I'll be more beautiful...
  • It's a noble upset!!

MAX Style

  • (Group) Now the theater is getting much more beautiful.
  • This is... truly... beautiful...
  • You are the scarlet rose of beauty.

Super Rare1


  • No need to save the Beam, understand?
  • Would you give me more Beam?

MAX Style

  • For now, he is mine..
  • And it makes me and the theater more stylish

Super Rare2


  • Charge more Style Beam!
  • Can you help me changing everything?

MAX Style

  • Nothing to worry.., I'm here beside you.
  • Welcome to our new theater! ... just kidding.

Double Super Rare


  • Emilian, lead me and save me...
  • If I could have more charm...
  • Please, share us power.

MAX Style

  • It leads to increase charm ♪
  • Now you'll see the very new theater



MAX Style




How To



Special Packs



Total MAX Style

  • (Head Accessories) Women Opera Shiny Flower Accessory ver.A white (50 Normal Total MAX Styles)
  • (Hand Accessories) Women Opera Ribbon Bouquet ver.A purple (500 Normal Total MAX Styles)
  • (Show Items) Opera Chandelier Decor2 ver.1 (150 Normal+ Total MAX Styles)
  • (Hairstyle) Women Opera Flower Upsweep Hair ver.A brown (500 Normal+ Total MAX Styles)
  • (Tops) Women Opera Flower Tight Dress ver.A purple (150 Rare Total MAX Styles)
  • (Show Items) Opera Stairway Decor1 ver.1 (300 Rare Total MAX Styles)

Solo Ranking

  • (Wallpaper/Profile) Women Opera Top Star Feather Wallpaper ver.A white - Rank 1-10
  • (Face) Women Opera Lovely Heroine Smile Face ver.A red - Rank 1-25
  • (Show Items) Opera Interval Decor2 ver.1 - Rank 1-50
  • (Tops) Women Opera Lovely Heroine Dancing Style ver.A red - Rank 1-75
  • (Tops) Women Opera Shiny Frill Rose Dress ver.A blue - Rank 1-100
  • (Hairstyle) Women Opera Heroine Rose Wave Hair ver.A yellow - Rank 1-200
  • (Tops) Women Opera Rose & Feather Dancer Style ver.A red - Rank 1-300
  • (Tops) Women Opera Stylish Male Role Suit ver.A red - Rank 1-400
  • (Back Accessories) Women Opera Peacock Tail ver.A red - Rank 1-1000
  • (Hand Accessories) Women Opera Rose Knight Rapier ver.A pink - Rank 1-2500
  • (Head Accessories) Women Opera Shiny Pink Rose Hat ver.A blue - Rank 1-7500

Club Ranking

  • (Show Items) Romantic Opera Stage ver.1 - Gold Rank 1
  • (Tops) Women Opera Gorgeous Lace Dress ver.A pink - Gold Rank 2-3
  • (Show Items) Gorgeous Feather Flowing Decor1 ver.1 - Gold Rank 4-5
  • (Hairstyle) Women Opera Top Star Role Hair ver.A yellow - Gold Rank 6-9/Silver Rank 1
  • (Outerwear) Women Opera Brilliant Singer Stole ver.A white - Silver Rank 2-3
  • (Show Items) Romantic Opera Illumination Decor2 ver.1 - Silver Rank 4-5
  • (Hand Accessories) Women Opera Gorgeous Feather Fan ver.A pink - Silver Rank 6-9/Bronze Rank 1
  • (Head Accessories) Women Opera Gorgeous Feather Crown ver.A pink - Bronze Rank 4-8/Normal Rank 1
  • (Pant&Skirt) Women Opera Brilliant Mermaid Bottom ver.A white - Normal Rank 2-3



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