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Event Summary

Prism Beads - "Glittering Materials" "Welcome to the Fairy World" was a Delivery Event available from 4/10/2017 to 4/19/2017 with "Prism Fairy" themed rewards.

(Logo) Prism Beads
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Event Story


Elisa: Look at my shining beads! So beautiful like prism…

Elisa: I’m sure a fantastic dress can be made by Beads Fairy!

Coco: A party with many shining beads, it sounds so fun. We’re almost there.

Elisa: What a gorgeous hall! Huh? Why are all the fairies absent? The party starts soon!

Beads Fairy: … Sigh

Elisa: The fairy must be… but somehow she’s not twinkling!

Beads Fairy: I can’t twinkle any more…, because all beads has been used up… Where’s the beads for the dress…

Coco: You mean you need more beads…?

Beads Fairy: I used beads for this hall too much, so my dress and accessories toned down… Ah.. I feel down…

Elisa: Don’t let it get to you. Here are my beads for you! (flash)

Coco: Eh, Elisa, why do you have so many beads???

Elisa: I’ll explain later. The party never starts if we don’t go to find beads for them!

Coco: Ah, you’re right… Let’s do our best, everyone! (...Her beads bother me.)


Beads Fairy: Everybody’s dress are glittering!! Thank you so much!

Coco: Now you can start the wonderful party ♪

Elisa: Glad to be of service with my beads!

Coco: By the way, Elisa, why did you have so many beads…?

Elisa: Ah, I was into making beads accessories long time ago.

Coco: Wow! I didn’t know that you hold such a good hand…!

Elisa: No no, I realized I have butterfingers, so I’m cumbered with these beads.

Elisa: It was a good timing since I’m looking for the place to store them ♪

Coco: That’s so you

Event Characters

  • Beads Butterfly Topaz
  • Beads Butterfly Sapphire
  • Beads Butterfly Ruby
  • Beads Fairy Topaz
  • Beads Fairy Sapphire
  • Beads Fairy Ruby
  • Crown Beads on Duck 
  • Queen Beads Fairy

Event Items

  • 1-Carat Beads: Low Rarity
  • Beads Pallet: High Rarity


Hyper Limited Time Bonus

Reach 1,800,000 or 7,200,000 Satisfaction Points and Get Items! (From 4/10/2017 (Mon) 15:00 to 4/11/2017 (Tue) 22:00 JST)

Limited Time Bonus 1

Deliver to Orders to 20 Beads Fairy Topaz, 20 Beads Fairy Sapphire or 14 Beads Fairy Ruby and Get Items! (From 4/10/2017 (Mon) 15:00 to 4/13/2017 (Thu) 15:00 JST)

Limited Time Bonus 2

Deliver to Beads Fairy Topaz, Beads Fairy Sapphire, Beads Fairy Ruby and complete 65 or 88 Characters of Level 10 to get rewards! (From 4/13/2017 (Thu) 15:00 to 4/17/2017 (Mon) 15:00 (JST))

Limited Time Bonus 3

Deliver Orders to 20 Beads Fairy Topaz, 18 Beads Fairy Sapphire or 16 Beads Fairy Ruby that comes out at Lv.10 within the Limited Time and Get gorgeous Item! (From 4/17/2017 (Mon) 15:00 to 4/19/2017 (Wed)15:00 JST)

Club Bonus 1

Reach 500,000, 5,000,000 or 42,000,000 points with your Club Members and Get Items! (From 4/10/2017 (Mon) 15:00 to 4/13/2017 (Thu) 15:00 JST

Club Bonus 2

Complete 20, 50 or 120 Queen Beads Fairy requests to get Club Bonuses! (From 4/13/2017 (Thu) 15:00 to 4/17/2017 (Mon) 15:00 JST)

Club Bonus 3

Complete 20, 50 or 160 Queen Beads Fairy requests to get Club Bonus! (From 4/17/2017 (Mon) 15:00 to 4/19/2017 (Wed) 15:00 JST)



Club Banners

Special Packs



Satisfaction Rewards

  • (Head Accessories) Shiny Lace & Beads Headband ver.A pink - 500,000
  • (Avatar Decor) Shiny Bead Stitch Decoration ver.A pink - 900,000
  • (Pant/Skirt) Gradation Tights & Corsage Pumps ver.A purple - 1,600,000
  • (Face Accessories) Fairy Beads Accessories Set ver.A white - 3,300,000
  • (Hairstyle) Side Ponytail Hair with Beads Accessories ver.A brown - 5,000,000
  • (Tops) Fairy Cocktail Dress with Flowers ver.A purple - 7,200,000
  • (Show Items) Beads Canopy Decor2 ver.1 - 17,000,000
  • (Show Items) Beads Accessories Decor1 ver.1 - 27,000,000
  • (Show Items) Glass with Light Stage ver.1 - 43,000,000

Ranking Rewards

  • (Show Items) Sparking Fairy Forest Stage ver.1 - Rank 1-10
  • (Face) Fairy Princess Smile Face ver.A blue - Rank  - Rank 11-25
  • (Show Items) Small Fairies & Shining Beads Decor2 ver.1 - Rank 1-50
  • (Tops) Graceful Fairy Shining Dress Style ver.A pink - Rank 1-100
  • (Show Items) Fairy Forest’s Flowers & Shining Beads Decor1 ver.1 - Rank 1-150
  • (Tops) Fairy Rainbow Princess Dress ver.A pink - Rank 1-250
  • (Hairstyle) Fairy Fluffy Wavy Long Hair with Flowers ver.A yellow - Rank 1-350
  • (Avatar Decor) Fairy Terrarium with Jewels & Light ver.A yellow - Rank 1-500
  • (Head Accessories) Fairy Princess Veil with Flowers & Jewelry ver.A yellow - Rank 1-750
  • (Back Accessories) Magnificent Fairy King Wings ver.A green - Rank 1-1000
  • (Pant/Skirt) Fairy Sandals and Fluffy Underwear ver.A pink - Rank 1-1500


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