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Area Summary

CocoPPa Play added new towns, more like islands, and shops to their world. You can visit them by tapping the swan ship under the Song & Dance Town.

The four islands are Jewelry Island, Handbag Island, Glass Island and Hat Island. You can already tell that their shops only sell accessories.

Unlike the other towns on the mainland, you can only upgrade them till rank 3. When ranking, you will receive a one hour sale and new unlocked items.

Town Leaders



Coco: Now there is a map that leads to Towns that Specialists live in. Make sure you have the Song and Dance Town to Rank Maxed out with 5 Stars, so you can meet them.

What's New

(What's New) Overseas Teaser

Overseas Teaser

03/05/2015 16:00

Hello, this is the CocoPPa Play Management team.

March 13th, 2015 (Fri) is CocoPPa Play's Anniversary! To celebrate the anniversary, there will be new features after the maintenance on the 12 JST

Sneak Peak of the new Features!!

SP Gacha Renewed! From 3/16 JST the SP Gacha will be renewed! The current SP Gacha will only be until 3/16 Maintenance JST.

Also you might see...

Stayed tuned for the further updates!

Thank you fore reading and hope you continue enjoying CocoPPa Play.


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