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Monthly Grade is a reward system that gives users benefits based on the amount of C-Coins they purchase. There is a total of twelve different levels, however sometimes rewards are only given at Level 10.

Players are able to obtain previous Monthly Grade rewards through the Monthly Grade Gacha, a special gacha released periodically.

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Past Monthly Grades

October 2016

Comes with "Stuffed Animal" Themed items for each Grade.

(Monthly Grade) Monthly Grade October 2016

October 2016

November 2016

Comes with "Sweet Berry" Themed items for each Grade.

Sweet Berry Bonus List

November 2016

December 2016

Comes with "Kawaii★Star" Themed items for each Grade.

Monthly Grade - December 2016

December 2016

January 2017

Comes with "Floral Elf" Themed items for each Grade.

(Monthly Grade) Monthly Grade January 2017

January 2017

February 2017

Comes with "Bride of Spiritual World" Themed items for each Grade.

Monthly Grade February 2017

February 2017

March 2017

Comes with "Cherry Blossoms" Themed items for each Grade.

Monthly Grade March 2017

March 2017

April 2017

Comes with "Teddy Bear" Themed items for each Grade.

May 2017

Comes with "Sexy Nymph Set" Themed items for each Grade.

June 2017

Comes with "Hydrangea Rain Shower" Themed items for each Grade.

July 2017

Comes with "Musical Band" Themed items for each Grade.

August 2017

Comes with "Little Mermaid" Themed items for each Grade.

September 2017

Comes with "Bambi Deer" Themed items for each Grade.

October 2017

Comes with "Halloween" Themed items for each Grade.

November 2017

Comes with "Beauty and Beast" Themed items for each Grade.

December 2017

Comes with "Papercut World" Themed items for each Grade.

January 2018

Comes with "Praying Sister" Themed items for each Grade.

February 2018

Comes with "Chocolate Valentine's" Themed items for each Grade.

March 2018

Comes with "Nostalgic Times" Themed items for each Grade.

April 2018

Comes with "Seasons of Love" Themed items for each Grade.

May 2018

Comes with "Arabian Night" Themed items for each Grade.

June 2018

Comes with "Classical Dress" Themed items for each Grade.

July 2018

Comes with "Hawaiian Resort" Themed items for each Grade.

August 2018

Comes with "Ghost Night" Themed items for each Grade.

September 2018

Comes with "Ethnic Tale" Themed items for each Grade.

October 2018

Comes with "Precious Chocolate" Themed items for each Grade.

November 2018

Comes with "Geisha and Autumn" Themed items for each Grade.

December 2018

Comes with "Tropical Christmas" Themed items for each Grade.

January 2019

Comes with "Happy Teddy Bear" Themed items for each Grade.

February 2019

Comes with "Traditional" themed items for each Grade.

March 2019

Comes with "Cute Star" Themed items for each Grade

April 2019

Comes with "Pop Waitress" themed items for each Grade.

May 2019

Comes with "Fancy Animals" themed items for each Grade.

June 2019

Comes with "Weird Killer" themed items for each Grade.

July 2019

Comes with "Oblivious Flower" themed items for each Grade.

August 2019

Comes with "Japanese Goldfish" themed items for each Grade.

September 2019

Comes with "Harvest Moon" themed items for each Grade.

October 2019

Comes with "Halloween Witch" themed items for each Grade.

November 2019

Comes with "Glass Luxury" themed items for each Grade.

December 2019

Comes with "Gothic Live Idol" themed items for each Grade.

January 2020

Comes with "Japanese Girls" themed items for each Grade.

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

First-Time Benefit

On 30 April, 2018, the First-Time Benefit for Monthly Grade was introduced.


(Twitter) Monthly Grade June 2018

June 2018 Monthly Grade Twitter Post

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Moon Cat Shining Land of StarsSweet Cupcake RemixVirgo in Love with Kind LeoFirefly Matsuri
Marine Memories Coastal MermaidDichotomic Horror House RemixLost in xxxPrism Magical Girl
Magical School Possession DreamPeaceful Forest Library RemixKing and Selfish CupidReverie FeerieSweet Package
Melt Panic Jewel Music BoxWater SurvivalHungry Wolf and Candy Forest
Hanafuda Festival Moon Night FungusConsummation of AriaCircus!The Rose Castle
Horror Hospital Luche CemmenteriaHelping Out the WitchKpúotaλλoMoon Rabbit RemixChou Chou Copaín
Jewel Party Tower of Cross WorldGoing to ChikurinTea Realm Fantasia Remix
Animal Circus! Paradise for GirlsSieger of MirageStarlight ModelFlower Blooming Feelings
Flower Fantasy Gâteau de la reineRoyal AntiqueStarry MusicRock'n pop party
SUPER SWEET Japonism Halloween PartyPrecious Stone and Elf Forest RemixNeon District Comedy Show
Snap Contest 1 Neon District Comedy ShowPhantom Building SorcerersThe Rose CastleMAD HALLOWEEN PARTY RemixStarlight Model
VIP Gacha Angel Wing
Pon Pon Factory Kreuz, Blumengarden, Sünde...DRINK ME cafetimeDark VortexLove Heart Knit
Forest Tailor Fabulous Elixir LakeMagi Encre MaestorRadiant AngelusNorthern Lights Remix
Cosmic Neon Girly Sweet TimeSun God Fairytale RemixCross Force
Snap Contest 2 Cross ForceHandmade AutumnDreamy Chapel RemixCandles and Mermaid RemixTempo che meraviglioso
VIP Gacha Mysterious Night
Icy Tears Deep Forest BetrayalEternal Harp HarmonyFresh Snow Side of TownIrreplaceable After School
Special Night Angelic CarolPainter's Beautiful PaintingTulip Dream Remix
Sparkle!! Show Must Go OnUNDER CORESnow Land Princess RemixTrick Taking Enchantment
Snap Contest 3 UNDER COREGlass VampireFabulous Elixir LakeWonderful DateDelicious My Love Remix
VIP Gacha Vampire Secret
Find'em! Aquarium Memento MoriOriental Hermit and Fox RemixAngel Clare that Captivity RemixMutsuki Ha KisshouElfheim Promise
Help! Arabian Town Song of the Blue BirdCheck MateDreaming with Fluffy Sheep RemixWizard of Cave and Kingdom of Underground
Star Music Happy DolcePeach Fairyland IllusionAstral Alchemy
Snap Contest 4 Astral AlchemyTrancing The Open BookMemento MoriBenizuri Raging PaintingLet's Play The Game!! Remix
VIP Gacha Horoscope☆Star
Fox Wedding PLANETARY BLINKNoble Bonds in HeartLunar Butterfly RemixGraceful Gourment
LOVE❤POWER Twinkle Candy BOXShark BreakerzLovely Choco Fairy RemixComic Panel Story
Rose Wonderland Sleeping PrincessSpicy Beast RemixShining☆Starlight
Snap Contest 5 Shining☆StarlightFINDER OUTSIDE!Alto Ruins RemixGirly Dolly RemixSexy Geisha House
VIP Gacha Shiny Stained Glass
Bubbly Bathtime EGGS RABBITMelancholy RoomFairy Girl and Spinning Wheel RemixHappy Spring ParkLily Sanctuary Remix
HAPPY EGG!! Dance Party at CastleLeviathan Daydream 2Deep Ocean City Remix
Poison Apple Strawberry TeatimeDesire VenomRetro ClubGraceful Wish
Snap Contest 6 Graceful WishBaptista in Deep OceanBubble Spring NymphRomantic Glow CastleSakura Secondhand Bookstore
VIP Gacha Deep Sea Little Mermaid
Sing! Sing! Sing! Dance in Misty WisteriaSpring Goddess RemixPatchy DollsFata Fiore RemixCamellia Retro Newspaper Co.
Prism Bead Moaning SireneFlorist of NiflheimBaby x Baby RemixWindmill on the Hill
Fortune Power Monochrome SymphonyLittle Friends Under Butterbur RemixStrange Courthouse RemixNephesh Party
Snap Contest 7 Nephesh PartyBefore Going Out...Midnight Crazy School RemixCircus Fantasma Remix
VIP Gacha Elegant Tea Time
Nostalgic World Rainbow Color Flower GardenSucre File Magical PatissierClover Clover RemixMorpheus Time RemixLe Lapin Noir
Afternoon Tea 100 Sleeping Princes & Kingdom of DreamsBy the Window of Old CastleStrawberry Garden Remix100 Sleeping Princes & Kingdom of Dreams - Second PartySweet Apple Forest Remix
It's Show Time!! Ms. PhilusBubble FantasySweet Pop Rhythm
Snap Contest 6 Sweet Pop RhythmHydrangea in Shiny RainRosa & Mietitore RemixAncient Fortress RemixSong of Wind and Sky
VIP Gacha Unicorn in the Sky
Sugar Town Marriage Ceremony in TwilightPetite AngeGoldfish Marriage RemixMoonlight Night AstrologyPretty Hospital Remix
Magic Trick Captive Venus in Flower CageMelodious After SchoolCurse of DAHLIAPost Office at Seaport Remix
Starry Sky Feles le cafêLove Love Pancakes RemixCool Breeze & Flowers in Ice
Snap Contest 9 Cool Breeze & Flowers in IceDeny the FatePhantom Thief Piccione RemixGothic-id-Laboratory RemixPetit Repos
VIP Gacha Most Happiest Bride in the World
NIN! NIN! NINJA Happiness Dream CloudsPossession Dream RemixLittle Red HoodAngels Dancing in a CircleCosmic Live! Remix
Jewelry Princess SUNFLOWER DAYSRabbit Garden RemixLONG WAY HOMEElegant Perfume Remix
DayDream Animals Sparkle CocktailDark Sister Vampire RemixShining Land of Stars RemixKing of Universe & Balaustine
Snap Contest 10 King of Universe & BalaustineParadisoBattle of Fairy Tale RemixVirgo in Love with Kind Leo RemixFirefly Matsuri Remix
VIP Gacha Wizard's Atelier
Cat Fantasy Tropical Fruits BasketLost in xxx RemixFloral Miniature GardenReverie Feerie Remix
Lovely Lolita Cutie Fancy CarouselMovimieto PerpetuoRainy Day RemixFruity Jelly PunchHungry Wolf and Candy Forest Remix
Horror Panic MELD THE PHANTOM THIEFCoastal Mermaid RemixFeast of Tamayura Troupers
Snap Contest 11 Feast of Tamayura TroupersTOON PUNKISH TIMEJewel Music Box RemixA Holiday with YouRomantic Origami Clinic
VIP Gacha Glittering Alice in Summer
Fruits Cake Scintillement de La MerLuche Cemmenteria RemixTOXIC FACTORYMoon Night Fungus Remix
Bad Girls Opposition in TwilightThe Rose Castle RemixPâtisserie Fondant
Dream Ballerina Delusions of Rabbit SistersTower of Cross World RemixVaya con dios.ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY
Snap Contest 12 ANCIENT TECHNOLOGYPlace of BeautiesScintillement de La MerSecret Crystal Garden RemixGoing to Chikurin RemixSecret Crystal Garden RemixCHIC LENS
VIP Gacha Nightmare Merry-Go-Round
Moonlight Butterfly Hollowly NightmareParadise for Girls RemixJaponism Halloween Party RemixFluorite FantasiaNeon District Comedy Show Remix
Angel's Bear Dance Party of VampyrConsummation of Aria RemixGâteau de la reine RemixPrincess Silk Spinning Shinning Cocoons
Vampire Halloween cafe de FéesPhantom Building Sorcerers RemixDreamy Pliz in the Garden
Snap Contest 13 Dreamy Pliz in the GardenHidden Place in ForestSieger of Mirage RemixDRINK ME cafetime RemixMAD HALLOWEEN PARTY Remix
VIP Gacha Beautiful, Richly Colored Flower
Romantic Flight Crown of Secret CrystalFabulous Elixir Lake RemixMy FluffyGlass Vampire Remix
Silent Stage Lovely Cake DecorationsUNDER CORE RemixINNOCENCE SACRIFICERock'n pop party
Fairytale Princess Aqua MahalKreuz, Blumengarden, Sünde... RemixGLITTER AVENUE
Snap Contest 14 Autumn VientoVerdriet Witches RemixNorthern Lights RemixDark Vortex RemixElemental WarriorsGirly Sweet Time RemixOrizuru Hana Tsubaki Remix
VIP Gacha Dark Princess
Dreamin' Santa Cloche de la benedictionDeep Forest Betrayal Remixmelt with you RemixHandmade Autumn RemixDreaming GracefullyEternal Harp Harmony Remix
North Animal Fil de BijouxDelicious My Love Remix 2Invitar VelaTempo che meraviglioso Remix
Pajamas Party Fun Night with SANTACLAUSBrilliant BouquetAngelic Carol Remix
Snap Contest 15 Angelic Carol RemixElegant Dance MusicFlower Blooming FeelingsFresh Snow Side of Town RemixSmall HappinessShow Must Go On Remix
VIP Gacha Fantastic Blue Planet
World Wide Land Light of DawnMemento Mori RemixMutsuki Ha Kisshou RemixPrecious a la modeAstral Alchemy Remix
Wish Snow Dancing Girl in Silent NightHappy Dolce RemixBenizuri Raging Painting RemixMelody on the Hill
Cinderella Dream grand clanHalf Asleep, Opened Book RemixPeach Fairyland Illusion Remix
Snap Contest 16 Peach Fairyland Illusion RemixMail Clerk in Frozen LandWinter CuisineLunar Butterfly RemixRiding Into Beautiful Snowy TownEnjoy the starlit sky Remix
VIP Gacha Pure White♡Cat
Brilliant Night Night sky wandererSexy Geisha House RemixWitch who Reels ThreadTwinkle Candy BOX Remix
Element Saga First Division of Imperial CityFINDER OUTSIDE! RemixKing and Selfish Cupid Remix
Fancy Alien Emotional OrnamentPleasant FarmPLANETARY BLINK Remix
Snap Contest 17 PLANETARY BLINK RemixLa renonculeMoon Rabbit RemixAnimal Terraced HouseDeep Ocean City RemixSleeping Princess Remix
VIP Gacha Snow Crystals
Magical Lesson Star Child UnicornEGGS RABBIT RemixDesire Venom RemixMoonlight PrincessOriental Hermit and Fox Remix
Mysterious Doll Paradox in a MirrorBaptista in Deep Ocean RemixStrawberry Teatime Remix
Magic Pot Happy☆MomentsDance Party at Castle RemixLegend of Kurikara DemonLeviathan Daydream 3
Snap Contest 18 Leviathan Daydream 3DreiEck TriStarStar Child UnicornMelancholy Room RemixBlack Cat Retro CafeFata Foresta
VIP Gacha White Witch and Rose Garden
Easter♡Hunt EGGS in WONDERLANDDance in Misty Wisteria RemixA Night Specters Show UpBefore Going Out... Remix
Royal girl Sugary TaleNephesh Party RemixSweet BlossomShining☆Starlight Remix
Dreaming Cat Calendula TowerMoaning Sirene RemixMonochrome Symphony Remix
Snap Contest 19 Monochrome Symphony Remix
VIP Gacha Cherry Blossoms in Soap Bubbles
Yokai Scandal Graces of SpringMarriage Ceremony in Twilight RemixMs.Philus RemixPeluche of Little BirdsSong of Wind and Sky Remix
In the Herbarium Happy Makeup GirlsBy the Window of Old Castle RemixCitrus resting timeHydrangea in Shiny Rain Remix
Jewelry Sweets Airborne Brigade MinervaRainbow Color Flower Garden RemixColorful Lily of the Valley
Snap Contest 20 Colorful Lily of the ValleyLoss of FutureCitrus resting timePetite Ange RemixLONG WAY HOME RemixBubble Fantasy Remix
VIP Gacha Sweet Devil
Strawberry Bride Gentle White SquirrelMoonlight Night Astrology RemixAngelic FlillePetit Repos Remix
The Four Seasons Reciting With You in the Glowing Red WorldFeles le cafê RemixSlumbering in WonderlandDeny the Fate Remix
Twinkle Circus Crimson BallareDelight the StarlitSkyLittle Red Hood Remix
Snap Contest 21 Little Red Hood RemixSky Observational Research InstituteDelight the StarlitSkySUNFLOWER DAYS RemixOcean, Girl, and Her DreamCaptive Venus in Flower Cage Remix
VIP Gacha Ghost Wedding
Wind Bells Love Milky Jewel MermaidHappiness Dream Clouds RemixParadiso RemixFireworks in SummerA Holiday with You Remix
Midnight Witches Dios de la MuerteKing of Universe & Balaustine RemixPop'n WonderCurse of DAHLIA Remix
Ice Cream Fantasy Rainy Rainbow MarchFreezing KingdomSparkle Cocktail Remix
Snap Contest 22 Sparkle Cocktail RemixELEGANCE STYLEMELD THE PHANTOM THIEF RemixAngels Dancing in a Circle RemixPhantom Thief Appears in Moonlit Night
VIP Gacha Angel of Holy Song
Rainbow Dream Beast BeautyScintillement de La Mer RemixFeast of Tamayura Troupers RemixNight Jasmine in WoodsTOON PUNKISH TIME Remix
Daydream Runway Mythology of Day and NightHoney*HoneyDevil Police of the NightRomantic Origami Clinic Remix
Wonder Aquarium Pretty Jelly CandleTower of Cross World Remix 2Cage in a Weird DreamCutie Fancy Carousel Remix
Snap Contest 23 Cutie Fancy Carousel RemixNight Jasmine in WoodsWith Fading Summer LightLost in xxxFloral Miniature Garden RemixUOMO STYLE
VIP Gacha Elizabeth Caught in Beauty
Girl's Lily Sea Song of Moon Night MermaidOpposition in Twilight RemixFlowers and Harvest MoonVaya con dios. Remix
Animal Parade Creepy Candy Night!Adventure of Mischievous KnightsBlack Cat SuiteANCIENT TECHNOLOGY Remix
Toxic Hospital Happy Happy Winged!Place of BeautiesFluffy Dreaming Night
Little Fins Ruine ParcTOXIC FACTORY RemixFantastic Knick-Knack Store
VIP Gacha Cat in Starry Moon Night
Halloween Night PRINCESS TIMEHollowly Nightmare RemixFluorite Fantasia RemixCamellia's ElegyCafe de Fées Remix
Cyber Labyrinth Secret Star PoemDance Party of Vampyr RemixBeasts' FidelityPrincess Silk Spinning Shinning Cocoons Remix
Schwarzwald Fantasie Fairy Tale Night of JoyFighting Beauties' Dazzling DanceLuche Cemmenteria Remix 2Colorful Painting
Snap Contest 24 Colorful PaintingAnecdote of the Three KingdomsSecret Star PoemHidden Place in Forest RemixTropical Fruits Basket RemixTick-Tock Timepiece
VIP Gacha A Girl in My Dream
Origami Panic Grâce L’heure du théCrown of Secret Crystal RemixRibbon · de · WrappingBrilliant Bouquet Remix
Fairy's Cocktail Dreamy Fantasy Ancient RoomMy Fluffy RemixKey to HappinessINNOCENCE SACRIFICE Remix
Crazy Love Cure My HeartMy Lovely TricotLovely Cake Decorations RemixKreuz, Blumengarden, Sünde... Remix 2
Snap Contest 25 My Lovely TricotGirls' PromiseFighting Beauties' Dazzling DanceKaleidoscope ButterflyDreaming Gracefully RemixTwins terrace
VIP Gacha Idols on Stage!
Merry Wish Wish upon White DelightAqua Mahal RemixFun Night with SANTACLAUS Remixur du MaquillageFabulous Elixir Lake Remix 2CITRINE LIGHT
Twilight of Gods Miroir of Noble WaterPoison MortelSucre de Noel
Top Brand December 2018 Angel WishesChromatic OrnamentCloche de la benediction Remix
Diamond Snow Carefree White Cats' LibraryDelusions of Rabbit Sisters RemixSalon De FabulousDreamy Pliz in the Garden Remix
VIP Gacha Winter Illumination
Osechi Survival CelebrationDancing Girl in Silent Night RemixLight of Dawn RemixSeptem Peccata Mortaliagrand clan Remix
Crystal Lights Tail AngelicaMail Clerk in Frozen Land RemixNorthern AliceRiding Into Beautiful Snowy Town Remix
Romantic Opera Shiny Flower FantasiaHaunted MaidenAnimal Terraced House RemixMoon Rabbit Remix 3
Top Brand January 2019 Daydream EuphoriaFairy Tale WorldMy Dearest
VIP Gacha Banquet of Festive Crane
Deep-Sea Adventure Ice Crystal NocturneEmotional Ornament RemixTrack No.22, Kitty Cat RailwayFirst Division of Imperial City Remix
Sweet World Happiness TeaLegend of Kurikara Demon RemixMelty Night!Delicious My Love Remix 3
Ghostly Gothic GehennaCafe La FraiseWitch who Reels Thread Remix
Top Brand February 2019 Planetary LaboratorySleeping Princess Remix 2Magic School Students in TownHalf Asleep, Opened Book Remix 2
VIP Gacha