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Hello. This is the CocoPPa Play Management Team🎃

Thank you for playing CocoPPa Play. It's Halloween season againâ™Ș

We have prepared many events and campaigns for all players to enjoy before Halloween starts♡

Promotion Period

09/30/2019 to 10/15/2019 JST

GET items by Logging in Every Day

Not only regular login bonus but another login bonus are activated during the promoâ™Ș

Period: 9/30 15:00 ~ 10/15 15:00 JST

GET Halloween outfits only from campaign log-in bonus!

You can also GET Premium Gacha Ticket or Coins!

Login in the app every day and GET itemsâ™Ș

Rank Higher Consecutively and GET Item

If you are ranked in higher consecutively in the events during the period above, "Illuminating Pumpkin Lanterns Wallpaper ver.A purple," which matches Halloween coordination, is given out♡

Period: 9/30 15:00 ~ 10/14 15:00 JST

Join above three events and GET Special Itemâ™Ș

※ The Background Item will be deposited within 3 days after 10/14 15:00 JST.

Special Deal Event Pack

Super deal item pack for the event will be released during the campaign period♡

More over! If you have purchase all 3 kinds of "Pre-Halloween☆Trail Event Pack" that will be released during the period, "Creepy Halloween Witch Mischievous Smile Face ver.A orange", which match the item from login bonus during the campaign, is given out♡

Take this chance and try the event itemâ™Ș

Packs will be for sale during 1st Half and 2nd Half of Catch Event, and 1st Half of Delivery Event

Each player can purchase each pack one time only

NOTE the Face item will be deposited within 3 days after 10/14 15:00 JST.

Share Your Show on Twitter

Have show with Halloween style and Share it on Twitterâ™Ș

Period: 9/30 15:00 ~ 10/15 15:00 JST

If you post your show with the hashtag "#CCPL_Halloween", 10Play Gacha Ticket will be given for 10 of winners selected in drawing!

You can share your Show from Show Album or Profile pageâ™Ș

※ Both Show and Profile posts are acceptable. Your show's screenshot is also acceptable as long as you put the hashtag.

New Colored Item in Event Revival Gacha

New color of unique top is in Event REvival Gacha that will be released during the campaign period.

Play Event Revival Gacha 15 times and you get the item as rewardâ™Ș

Take this chance and play Event Revival Gacha♡

Get item by consuming Coin

Consume Coin during the period and get limited item!

Period: 10/10 15:00 ~ 10/15 15:00 JST

Consume 88 Coin or more and GET an item!

Comes with Charm for 2nd Half of Delivery Event!

※ After you consume enough coins, the button to get the item appears in My Show screen. Tap the button to get the item.


We hope you continue enjoying CocoPPa Play!
(Promotion) Halloween Pre Campaign

Halloween Pre Campaign

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