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(Character Icon) Elisa No no, I realized I have butterfingers.
~ Elisa on Prism Beads

Character Summary

Elisa is the Town's Leader for CocoPPa Town who plays as one of the main protagonists in CocoPPa Play. She owns a special shop which opens irregularly.


Elisa short brown hair put into a curly side ponytail with a checkered white and red headband with a bow. Her outfit is a blue, school uniform dress with a magenta tie.

Her appearances in CocoPPa Town is slightly different compared to her current appearance where she most notably has a different fringe, face and outfit.


Elisa has a passion to learn new things (e.g. learning about Japan's retro culture or Chivalry in the Cat Kingdom) however most of the time she ends up with disappointment or left completely awestruck.


  • Elisa appears in every event with Coco.
  • On May 23, 2017, players were sent gifts from Elisa. The gift included:
    • 1 Energy Bottle
    • 1 Kirakira Bomb
    • 1 MAX Charge Drink
    • 1 Charge Drink
(Present Box) Elisa's Gifts (5.23.2017)

Gift from Elisa who's also enjoying (!?) CocoPPa Play

  • The Elisa Hijack Promo allowed players to get her clothing for a limited time using Elisa's Headband.
  • Her favorite event is Fruits Cake because she enjoyed eating at the buffet.
(Story) Dream Ballerina - End 8

Coco scolding Elisa

  • For April Fools 2018, Elisa hosted own promotion called Elisa Robot where she upgrades herself as one of the robots from Pot Events and Delivery Events. January's 1st Half Login Bonus features a robot and chicken version of Elisa to celebrate the new year.
  • Although Elisa's appearance updated a while ago, her appearance in CocoPPa Town still features her old appearance.
  • Every Snap Contest, Elisa always try to get the rewards but usually never get them.
  • For Halloween 2018, Elisa was dressed up as a wizard from Creepy Candy Night! with two pigtails, a ribbon and a bandage over her right eye.
  • For Christmas 2018, Elisa was dressed up as Merry Santa Girl from Merry Wish.
  • for cocoppa play awards 2020, elisa was dressed up as a butler from night phantom on eyes with a crown From lumious palace
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