Order/Delivery event is where the player deliver the event items requested by the event host.

Note: This event has a couple name. Some people call this Order, Request, Delivery and possibly many more. CocoPPa Play used the name Order and/or Delivery.


About Order

  • There are 2 tables(or event host) to deliver Orders in the Event. When you deliver the specified number of [Gift], [Magical Box] or [Golden Magical Box], the obtainable Satisfaction will increase.
  • 1 Order consists of 10 requests/level. When you clear Request 10, the order will be RESET and you'll start again from Request/Level 1.
  • It is possible to RESET the Order, however all Order will be RESET together and you'll start the Order from Request/Level 1.

Peak Time

  • Peak Time is a special time when Satisfaction will increase 1.5 times after you clear a Request.
  • Sometimes 1.7 times Peak Time may start when cheering for other shows.
  • Welcoming Cat is a special item that gives double peak time for 5 min.


  • If you raise your Charm Points, extra points will be added to Satisfaction when you complete the order.
[Ex] Order Benefit : 500% Your Charm Point: +700pt
Total Satisfaction Lv: 700+ (700Pt x 500%) = 4200pt
  • Charm- Up item is a special item that you can get by Event Gacha or qualifying conditions. It will produce the effect for the charm.
  • Charm itself is not raised during all Peak Time.
  • The unique items from the list below will add charm pts for the next event.
Limited Gacha
Satisfaction Lv reward outfit items
Ranking Rewards outfit items
  • Charm pts will not be added for Stage or Decro items.


  • Each reward will be added only one time when you reach the specified level of Satisfaction.
  • The reward for completing 1 Order will be added only one time.
  • The final ranking for Ranking will be added after the Maintenance time of the event.
  • The reward for Ranking will be added after the above Maintenance time.
  • We will inform about distribution on [what's New].

Magical Box/ Golden Magical Box

  • The following items will be replaced as Charge Drink after Event period.
[Magical Box] x5 > [Charge Drink]x1
[Golden Magical Box] x1 > [Charge Drink]x1

Event Gifts [Item 1] & [Item 2] will be removed after the Event end.

About Welcoming Cat

  • Double Peak Time will only be available during the Event period.
  • [Welcoming Cat] will be removed after the Event.
  • Even if you use the Welcoming Cat during 1.5 and 1.7 Peak time, the Peak time will not become 3 or 3.4 times.
  • All Welcoming Cat have an expiration date. After the designated date the item will not be available for use.

Rules for Special Orders

  • It will occur when your requests are over level 5.
  • You have 10 minutes to deliver.
  • While the Special Orders 1.7 times Peak Time will not occur and the Welcoming Cat will not make it double.
  • It will not occur 10 minutes before 1.5 times Peak time.
  • It will not occur 10 minutes before maintenance time.
  • You can get over 60,000 Satisfaction pts and maximum 500,000 pts
  • Deliver the requested amount of "Gifts" or 2 "Magical Box to satisfy the order.

About CocoPPa Model Club Bonus

  • Club that you are in before the date listed for the event is accounted for.
  • The club that you are part of must fulfill the requirements to get the Club Bonus.
  • You will also have to get over 200,000 Satisfaction Personally, to get the Club Bonus as well.
  • CocoPPa Model Club Bonus 1 will be deposited during maintenance on the [date listed], CocoPPa Model Club Bonus 2 Reward will be deposited during maintenance on the [date listed]
  • Not being a Club Member or if you do not have enough points that will not fulfill the requirements to receive the Bonus.
  • The Satisfaction Points can not be transfered to your New Club if you decide to switch clubs
  • The Satisfaction Points for your Old Club will not decrease even if you switch clubs.
  • Your Satisfaction Points will not decrease even if you switch clubs.


  • The avatars of sample images wear some items that isn't part of the Event.
  • If you obtained Satisfaction includes decimal points, it will be cutoff.
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