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CocoPPa Stars
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Feature Summary

CocoPPa Stars is an feature released on 09/11/2018 in the style of otome games. Players will be able to interact with different characters to unlock side stories and rewards.


  • Kyle: Main Model of CocoSta
  • Lucas: Cool and Bossy Model
  • Haru: Calm and Sweet Model


Elisa: To everyone playing CocoPPA Play, Hello! My name is Elisa and I'm a charismatic model in CocoPPa Town! ··· Well, you already knew that right. I'm here to tell you a very special news! What? You want to know what this page is? Yes yes, I'm going to explain to you the new attraction added to CocoPPa Play! So listen listen-!

This page is newly added to CocoPPa Play and is called "CocoPPa Stars" page. You can experience special loe stories with the charismatic group "CocoPPa Stars" who moved into CocoPPa Town♡ I'll introduce you to the CocoPPa Stars member!

Coco Sta's center, Kyle! He's always smiling and bright. He's everyone's favorite!

Cool with a little attitude, Lucas! Have a full experience of his over flowing charismatic aura.

Everyone's prince, Haru! Do you want to be soothed by his flowery comfort?

The characters are the three charismatic models, us CocoPPa Town residents···and you!「Y/N」! You can enjoy conversations with the tree CocoPPa Stars and raise your Affinity Lv. with him. to have a chance to read special stories♡ Of course, you can change the CocoPPa Stars' fashion the way you want and have a chance to get special fashion items! I heard you can raise Affinity Lv. by cooking him dishes and going on dates with him! For more details, have a look at "How to Play" that will pop up after this.

My favorite is···Oops, it seems like Coco is calling me! Well then, have fun♡



When the player first visits the character on a new day, the character will say the following:


  • "You came to see me? What do you wanna do now?"
  • "I had a fight with Lucas······"
  • "Haru gave me his homemade snacks. Wanna try?"


  • What, you're bored? Then come with me.
  • "If I can't see your face, surprisingly···um. Don't make me say it, idiot."
  • "Oh, it's you."


  • "I see everyone a lot today. I'm happy about it."
  • "By any chance, do you hate me now···?"
  • "Would you like a cup of tea? I just made a good one."

Coming Back

When the player visits the character after a long period of time, the characters will say the following:

  • Kyle: I was waiting for you for a long time, you know?
  • Lucas: ···For this long, you've left me alone···You're brave.
  • Haru:···Did you lose some weight? If it's fine with you, I'll listen to your story.


September 21, 2018

Labelled as a "new attraction", CocoPPa Play first reveals insights on an upcoming feature that they are working on.

November 11, 2018

The feature was released along with Fairy's Cocktail and Momo's Pink Days Promo.

December 21, 2018

CocoPPa Stars had its rewards renewed.


  • Crystal Star Pink: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Star Blue: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Star Orange by K: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Star Orange by L: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Star Orange by H: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Heart Yellow: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Crystal Star Purple: CocoPPa Stars' Item to Unlock Level
  • Snacks: Item necessary to go on date
  • Lovely Mirror: Item to earn double Date Pt.
  • Time Leap Watch: Item to shorten date time
  • Lovely Kitchen Tool: Item to earn double amount of dishes
  • Sandglass: Item to shorten cooking time
  • Miracle Food Box: Item to used

Cooking Dishes


  • Omelet: 10 minutes
  • Salad: 10 minutes


  • Sandwich: 30 minutes
  • Pot-au-feu: 30 minutes


  • Vongole Bianco: 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Stuffed Cabbage: 60 minutes (1 hour)


  • Fried Egg Hamburger: 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • Tubot Menuière: 180 minutes (3 hours)


  • Tower Hamburger: 360 minutes (6 hours)


Coming soon!

(CocoPPa Stars) Cooking Recipe

Cooking Recipe









  • Cooking uses the Stage for the June 2018 First Half Login Bonus.
(Show Items) Peep Kitchen Stage

(Show Items) Peep Kitchen Stage

  • On White Day 2019, each of the CocoPPa Stars members gave a teddy bear item for every player.


(Note) CocoPPa Stars


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