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The following article is still a work in progress and being improved. Please bear with us as we are still adding more information. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.
 ※  If you would like to suggest a new rule, a modification or unsure about something, please contact an administrator (KokoroError and Zodiacat).  ※ 

The following is a list of rules and guidelines which all contributors should follow.

General Guidelines


  1. Keep all edits and messages on the topic of CocoPPa Play. There is a forum board dedicated to off-topic conversations.
  2. Be civil, kind and respectful towards other users.

Do Not

  1. Vandalism of any sort (spam, gibberish or disruptive editing) is prohibited.
  2. Any form of harassment, cussing, flame or any use of inappropriate language is not allowed.
  3. Avoid posting unedited or badly cropped photos if possible.
  4. Do not ask about transferring accounts between multiple players.


If an inappropriate act by the user is made, it will first result in a warning, if the user ignores the warning and continues the offense, their account will be blocked.


Editing Guidelines

All pages must follow the Preload pages provided, if a specific page needs to be made and you are unsure what template or layout you need to have. Please CONTACT staff otherwise it may resolve into a warning


  • Any outsourcing requires credit. This can simply be done with the dot-point list of links under ==References== at the bottom of the page.
  • Do NOT leave pages blank unless you intend on coming back to it.
  • Do NOT create a page with just the Preloaded Template and without adding actual information unless you intend on coming back to it.
  • Do NOT create new categories.
  • Do NOT insert categories or create news one anywhere. (Ex. Page, Personal Page...etc) The only exception if you are adding themed categories.

Image Content

  • Images must be edited by being cropped or extended.

Fan-made Content

  • As of 06/19/2019, the only fan-made page is Event Guides. Please refrain from making other fan-made content unless you have permission from the administrators.
  • Fan-made content will most likely be found in the Forum.

Blocking Guidelines

This is for the administrators.

For any offence made by a user, they will get a punishment based on severity of the offence:

  • Level 1: Warning, One Week Block, then Infinite Block
  • Level 2: One Week ~ One Month Block, then Infinite Block
  • Level 3: An instant Infinite Block.

Level 1 Violations

  • Excessive Foul Languages.
  • Vandalism or or Spam.
  • Off-topic.
  • Mild Aggression.

Level 2 Violations

  • Being Disrespectful.
  • Talking about inappropriate content.
  • (Off-topic) Advertising
  • Talking about NSFW and NSFL.

Level 3 Violations

  • Racism, Sexism, Ageism.
  • Promoting or posting NSFW or NSFL.
  • Unacceptable username.

※ 'NSFW' is 'Not Safe For Work' and 'NSFL' is 'Not Safe For Life'

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