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About CocoPPa Play

"From the globally popular smartphone community app, 'CocoPPa', comes a special lovely app, "CocoPPa Play". Now create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits! Create fashion shows for people all over the world!♬"

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CocoPPa Play

CocoPPa Play is a free-to-play dress-up game where you can create fashion to show people around the world by creating models and customizing your show! You can also connect to CocoPPa, get stunning outfits, try Quests and be a member a CocoPPa Model Club for chatting and events! This game was created by United Inc. and GCrest Inc.

CocoPPa Play official video

CocoPPa Play official video

CocoPPa Official Video

Other Sites and Resources

Official Website Official Twitter for SELFY Official Twitter for CocoPPa Play Official Instagram

Unofficial Amino Unofficial Fan Forum Unofficial Facebook Fan PageUnofficial Reddit

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Gacha Information

(Banner) Citrus resting time

Citrus resting time's Banner

Citrus resting time was a Premium Gacha available from 05/14/2018 to 07/14/2018 and Remixed from 05/11/2019

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Item Type

Face Hairstyle Tops Pant&Skirt Pose Shoes Outerwear Head Accessories Face Accessories Body Accessories Hand Accessories Back Accessories Avatar Decor Wallpaper Skin Show Items (Stage/Decor) Veil Filter Formation

Page Categories

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Appearance Mood Fashion

Simple & Clean Pop Cute Sexy Pure Dark Cool Fancy Yume Kawaii Monochrome Colorful Sepia Punk

Japanese Style Lolita Gothic Fantasy Chinese Style Ethnic Innocent Girl Cyber Military Medical Student Style Rock Festive

Flowers Jewelries Small Animals Legendary Creatures Cats Stuffed Toys Celestial Butterflies Mermaids Alice Elves Magic Fairy Tales Antiques Angels & Devils Foods

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