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Year 2019 is ending. Look back this year, and be ready to greet new year! CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019 is about to start♡
~ CocoPPa Play Management Team

♡24 hours only! 90% OFF Ticket Pack!♡

Term: 12/25/2019 15:00 ~ 12/26/2019 15:00 (JST)

The pack contains 45 48-hour Limited Premium Gacha Ticket, and it's only 100 Coins!

The best deal ever in CocoPPa Play! Only once per person.

Don't miss this 24 hour limited special sale!

♡48 hours only! Special ticket pack appears!!♡

Term: 12/27/2019 15:00 ~ 12/29/2019 15:00 JST

10Play Gacha Ticket packs are available with an increase!

10Play Premium Gacha Ticket Pack Super

10Play Premium Gacha Ticket Pack Lite

Let's play New Year's Gacha with 10Play Tickets♡

♡Relaxing New Year Pose is on sale♡

Term: 12/31/2019 15:00 to 01/10/2020 15:00 JST

A relaxed pose to spend the New Year has appeared!?

Do not miss the limited time product♪

Shop is here♪

♡~Revival~Monthly Grade Gacha♡

Revival Gacha of Monthly Grade is now available!

Use the Pick-Up time to get the item you want♪

Gacha is here♪

You can play Free for the first time and a 50% discount for 2Plays!

In addition, Melty Chocolate comes as a bonus!

※ There is no bonus chocolate for the first and second play.

What is Pick-Up?

During Pick-Up period, the chance to win a certain set is greatly increased!

You can choose which ratio to apply, normal ratio (non Pick-Up period) or Pick-Up ratio!

Here is the pick-up period!

Term①: 12/31/2019 15:00 ~ 14:59 JST
Only the usual chance (normal ratio) is given.

Term②: 01/02/2020 15:00 ~ 01/04/2020 14:59 JST
Picking up the "Bridal of Spiritual World Set" or the usual chance is selectable!

Term③: 01/04/2020 15:00 to 01/06/2020 14:59 JST
Picking up the "Sexy Nymph Set" or the usual chance is selectable.

Term④: 01/06/2020 15:00 ~ 01/10/2020 14:59 JST
Only the usual chance is given.

♡More reward at New Year's Gacha!♡

Term: 12/27/2019 15:00 ~ 01/10/2020 15:00 JST

The appearance of rare items with 10Play for the New Year's Gacha is enhanced up to four times!

And more! The appearance of the rare at 10Play for the additional of 10+2 will be enhanced up to three times!

Get more rare items together with the 10Play Ticket Pack♪

♡Mini Event [Melty Chocolate]♡

In the CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019, a mini event will start with rewards based on the number of Melty Chocolate gift you collect♪

Step Reward♪

Collect Melty Chocolate and get a variety of step rewards in accordance to the number of Melty Chocolate you collect♪

Point reward items in a previous event are revived as Step Rewards♪

■How To Get Melty Chocolate

GET from Cheer!

You can get 10 to 200 Melty Chocolate by cheering other people during this campaign.

Cheer and GET Melty Chocolate! ※ The number of Melty Chocolate you can get from Cheer is random.

GET from Gacha

If you play Premium Gacha during this campaign, you can get Melty Chocolate as a bonus♡

1Play···x150 Melty Chocolate
5Play···x1000 Melty Chocolate
10Play···x3000 Melty Chocolate

1Play···x50 Melty Chocolate
5Play···x300 Melty Chocolate
10Play···x800 Melty Chocolate

The Target Gachas are all Gachas in the Gacha list during the campaign!

Good chance to get Melty Chocolate from you favorite Gacha♡

GET from Coin Purchase!

There will be a Melty Chocolate bonus if you purchase Coins during this campaign♡

Check Coin purchase page for more details from banner below♪

GET from Event

There will be event quests for Melty Chocolate during this campaign!

Quests will be updated everyday, so complete quests everyday and get Melty Chocolate♪

GET from Login Bonus!

During this promotion, there will be extra login bonuses alongside the normal login bonus♪

Term 1: 12/25/2019 15:00 ~ 12/31/2019 15:00 JST
Term 2: 12/31/2019 15:00 ~ 01/10/2019 15:00 JST

Log-in everyday and GET Gacha ticket and Melty Chocolate♪

GET from Item Pack!

Special item for this campaign contains Melty Chocolate♡

There is no limit to purchase "Melty Chocolate & Premium Ticket Pack".

♡Twitter Posting Campaign Held♡

Term: 12/25/2019 15:00 ~ 01/10/2019 15:00 JST

Look back on 202 and post your memorable outfit with the hashtags #CCPL_2019 and #CCPL_NewYear on Twitter.

10 people from each hashtag will be chosen to win a 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket.

The more shares, the more chance you have to win♡

We are planning to release information regarding to the CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019 as follows:

Promo Vol.2: 12/27/2019 15:00 JST
Promo Vol.3: 12/31/2019 15:00 JST

We hope you will have a great year!!
(Promotion) CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019

CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019 Vol.1

(Promotion) CocoPPa Play Thanks 2019 Promo Vol.2

CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019 Vol.2

(Promotion) CocoPPa Play Thanks 2019 Promo Vol.3

CocoPPa Play Thanks Promo 2019 Vol.3

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