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Thank you for enjoying CocoPPa Play!

With our feeling of gratitude

We announce the advance notice of CocoPPa Play Award 2016 & Preview Promotion♡

Promotion Period

04/06/2017 (Thu) 15:00 to 04/10/2017 (Mon) 15:00 (JST)

CocoPPa Play Awards 2016

CocoPPa Play Award 2016 Preview Promotion

CocoPPa Play Award

Small Notice♪

What is CocoPPa Play Award???

This is an award ceremony to announce the customers who participated actively in 2016♪

Object Period

2016/4/1 ~ 2017/3/31

What kind of categories does the award have?

We'll show you just some parts of them♪

  • Catch Event Award
  • Smile Point Award
  • Login Award
  • Change Award

More awards will come out♪

and the customers who won the award will received...

???Premium Gacha Ticket maximum!?

The result will be announced on April 13.♪

Don't miss it!♪

Preview Promotion

To celebrate CocoPPa Play Award 2016... ♡

the Preview Promotion has been started!


4/6 (Thu) 15:00 ~ 4/10 (Mon) 15:00

Limited Special Pack

Limited for Preview Promotion. ♪

Super Deal Item Arriving!

Super Deal Premium Ticket Pack!

For those who want to play gachas more♡

A super deal packfor Premium Tick bulk buying is arriving!

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CocoPPa Play Award Preview Pack!

For those who want to play many gachas at once♡

A super deal pack for 10Play Premium Ticket bulk buying is arriving!

You can also receive a Bonus item of 10Play!

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This super deal promo is ONLY NOW.

Please try to enjoy CocoPPa Play♪

All the best wishes in FY2017

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