※  IMPORTANT NOTE: CocoPPa Play is NOT TinierMe or @games. They are completely different aside from the avatar.  ※ 

About CocoPPa Play

CocoPPa Play (ココッパプレイ, ココプレ for short) is the first sister Smartphone Avater App of the smartphone customization community app “CocoPPa”. UNITED, Inc. announces the worldwide release of the iOS version(*1) of the smartphone avatar app “CocoPPa Play,” jointly developed with GCREST, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director Haruhito Suemitsu) which provides the avatar service which played to more than 4 million users until now , in both Japanese and English languages. “CocoPPa Play” is an avatar app that allows users to play with cutely customized characters of themselves portrayed on the internet, called avatars, with clothing and fashion accessories. Users can enjoy with the app by holding fashion shows with their avatar as the models, or communicating with other users. “CocoPPa Play” is also linked to the smartphone customization community app “CocoPPa”. Its original features and characteristics are as follows.

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CocoPPa Play


Create your kawaii avatar and produce wonderful fashion shows!❤

Over 50 million downloads all over the world!☺ From the globally popular smartphone community app, "CocoPPa", comes a special lovely app, "CocoPPa Play".

Now create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits! Create fashion shows for people all over the world!♬

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Features of CocoPPa Play

Create Your Models

You can choose combinations of 15 item parts, such as hairstyles, face accessories, skin colors and of course, outfits❤
Also, you will get various “Posing” items by getting higher level!☃

Customize Your Show

You can organize your avatar as "my Model" in shows. In the show, you can add up to 3 models. You can not only set your models, but your friend's models as well.

You can also create your original show by setting stage set or decor item.

Share with Everybody

Cheers people's shows and post a message as well as decorating your show. You will be able to get free outfits by exchanging points you get by cheering for shows❤
Make many friends and you can invite them to your shows!

Connect To CocoPPa

After you have connected your CocoPPa account ID, you will be able to set your avatar picture in CocoPPa My Page. You can also use the avatar picture for the CocoPPa icon.

Try Quests & Get Amenities

Complete daily quests, help for unique app characters! And you will get free useful items to decorate your shows.


CocoPPa, the sister application, sells CocoPPa Play themed Icons and Wallpapers for free in their Store. By linking with CocoPPa with CocoPPa Connect, the player is also to obtain 18 free items from 6 outfits.

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  iOS Android
  • Social networking Game (Simulation)
  • Game (Family)
  • Game
  • Casual
Price Free (Items, such as clothes,remove a part and are charges.) Free (Items, such as clothes,remove a part and are charges.)
Release date Mar. 13, 2014 Aug. 25, 2014
Requirements iOS8.0 or later Android2.3.3 or higher


Most of the information were direct copy and paste from the official CocoPPa Website and the game store description

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