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(Character Icon) Coco That's an afterimage, honey!.
~ Coco on Coco's Special Afterimage Avatar Pack!

Character Summary

Coco is the Town's Leader for Creators Town who plays as one of the main protagonists in CocoPPa Play.


Coco has brown, wavy, medium-length hair with her iconic hairpin and she has green eyes with a mole underneath her left eye. Her main outfit mainly consists of red and white with heart-shaped features (buttons, ribbons and trims etc.).

Her appearances in Creators Town and the Town Stories is actually her old appearance which has not been updated yet.


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(Item) Coco's Accessory

(Items) Coco's Accessory

(Items) Momo's Ribbon

(Items) Momo's Ribbon

  • For April Fools 2017, CocoPPa Play teased an ultra pack featuring Coco's afterimages for 400,000,000 C-Coins. Of course, the pack was never released.
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