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Event List

The following is a list the past Delivery Events in order.

Month Event
January N/A
February N/A
March N/A
April N/A
May N/A
June N/A
July N/A
August N/A
September N/A
October Alice Tea Party
November N/A
December Secret Help Out

Month Event
January Help! Arabian Town
March Poison Apple
April Prism Beads
May Afternoon Tea
June Magic Trick
July Jewelry Princess
August Lovely Lolita
September Replaced with Bad Girls
October Angel's Bear
November Silent Stage
December North Animal

Month Event
January Wish Snow
February Element Saga
March Replaced with Magic Pot
April Replaced with Royal girl
May In the Herbarium
June The Four Seasons
July Midnight Witches
August Daydream Runway
September Animal Parade
October Cyber Labyrinth
November Fairy's Cocktail
December Diamond Snow

Month Event
January Crystal Lights
February Sweet World
March Pop Candy
April Fairy Easter
May Classica puppet
June Midnight Fantasy
July Tarot Symphony
August Icecream♬Fest
September Vivid Circus
October Fairy Quartz
November Hollow Park
December Dolls Tea Party

Month Event
January Starry Ocean
February Lovely♡Fest☆
March Coming Soon!
April N/A
May N/A
June N/A
July N/A
August N/A
September N/A
October N/A
November N/A
December N/A

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