Catching Events is where the Player must capture the event theme character.

How To Play

Step 1: Cheer to Find Characters!

  • Cheer people's show in order for the event character pop up

Step 2: Catch Characters!

  • When the pop up appear, use items to increase your Capture Success Rate and Capture Point
  • Double gives you double the capture points, 100% give you 100% capture rate and Free catch gives you a different capture rate depending on the stage.(The higher the stage the lower % of capture rate decrease.)

Step 3: Collect Points and Get Rewards!

  • Capture Pts: Collect as many points to get items.
  • Ranking rewards: Rare Items for higher Ranking!
  • Lucky Lotto: Save your Luck Tickets and play the Lotto.


Hint 1: Raise Charm to increase Capture Pts

Hint 2: Get more Points on Higher Stages

  • Capture Character on higher stages to get a greater Stage bonus! You'll also get more Capture Pts!
  • Successfully Catch at Stage 10 to enter the Bonus Stage
  • Successfully catch 2/3 in bonus Stage to enter the Final Stage!!
  • Don't miss the chance to get even more capture points!


  • You will return to Stage 1 if failing to catch 2/3 characters in the bonus stage.
  • You will return to stage 1 regardless of succeeding or failing in the final stage.

Hint 3: Successfully Catch with Capture Gloves!

  • Catching with Bare Hands may fail. If fail, you will drop two Stage down.
  • To 100% succeed, use Capture Gloves or Double Capture Gloves.

Hint: 4 More Points during Peak Time!

Catch character during Peak Time and get an even higher Capture Points.

  • Peak Time x1.5 occurs for 30 minutes every 6 hours JST
  • Double Peak Time occurs for 5 minutes whenever you want when you use the 2x Peak Time Whistle!
  • Peak time x2.5 occurs for 8 minutes whenever you want when using the 2.5x Peak Time Whistle!

Hint 5: Use Combos to Get more points.

  • Successfully capture to link a Combo. Each Consecutive capture will increase your combo.
  • Get 7 Combo for x1.3 combo Time.
  • Successfully capture during Combo Time may get you Super Combo Time that doubles your points!


  • Combo will reset to 0 after a failed catch.
  • combo will reset to 0 after 15 successful catches during super combo time, and combo time will end.



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