Event Summary

Bubbly Bathtime was a catching event available from 2/28/2017 to 3/10/2017 with "bubble bath" themed rewards

(Logo) Bubbly Bathtime
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Shabon Girl: Thank you so much! But I'm sorry, I'm such a mess...

Coco: Please don't worry. That must be a kind of evidence that you're tender-hearted.

Elisa: Come on, Coco! We had a good sweat, let's enjoy the bubble bath now!

Momo: Whoopee! I'm so excited! ♡ It's bubble time to get a silky beautiful skin! ♡

Elisa: Stop, Momo! This is a bath for ladies!!

Momo: Oops, sorry ♡ I almost made a mistake ♡

Coco: (Momo is a boy? I didn't know that... It's just a Copernican revolution for me...)

During bubble bath time

Elisa: Hey! Are you here, Coco? Just relax, you should enjoy this great bath time ♪

Coco: Uh, yeah... I'll have a handmade slow-boiled egg... Hahaha... haha...ha... ha...

Event Characters

Bubbly Butterfly Lemon - He is a magical butterfly that is able to make bubbles around his body. Since he loves lemons, his bubbles tastes like lemons! He also loves to take baths so you can see him anywhere in the bathroom

Bubbly Butterfly Melon - This butterfly is the older brother of Bubbly Butterfly Lemon. He flies around everywhere to find melons… And of course his bubbles taste like melons. The more he grows, the more he can make bubbles.

Bubbly Butterfly Peach - One of the Bubbly Butterflies has a magical power. He is always making so much bubbles to protect himself that makes his existence recognised as ‘special’. Since he is usually hidden in places, it would bring you good luck if you can find him! He loves peaches, so his bubbles tastes like fresh peaches.

Bubbly Rabbit - Has been alive since Bubble Island got discovered. He is so energetic as he is always making bubbles and spreading it everywhere around him. Therefore, almost his whole body is covered by his bubbles. It’s easier to find him when he is having a break at the ‘Special Stage’.

Bathtime Rabbit - Bubbly Rabbit evolves into Bathtime Rabbit at some point in some way. It is believed that his bubbles taste the best in the world. Since he loves bathtime so much, he can satisfy himself only at hidden hot spring. It’s really difficult to find him but apparently there is his favourite bathroom at the ‘Final Stage’…?


Hyper Limited Time Bonus

Capture 100 or 280 Bubbly Butterfly Melon within the Limited Time and Get Items! (From 2/28/2017 (Tue) 15:00 to 3/1/2017 (Wed) 22:00 JST)

Limited Time Bonus 1

Reach 3,200,000, 9,000,000 or 15,000,000 Capture Points below to get Limited Items! (From 2/28/2017 (Tue) 15:00 to 3/2/2017 (Thu) 15:00 JST)

Limited Time Bonus 2

Capture 28 or 60 Bubbly Rabbit within the Limited Time and Get Items! (From 3/1/2017 (Wed) 22:00 to 3/2/2017 (Thu) 15:00 JST)

Limited Time Bonus 3

Capture 12, 23 or 35 Bathtime Rabbit within the Limited Time and Get Items! (From 3/2/2017 (Thu) 15:00 to 3/6/2017 (Mon) 15:00 JST) 

Limited Time Bonus 4

Capture 35 or 58 Bubbly Rabbit and 15 or 35 Bathtime Rabbit within the Limited Time and Get Items! (From 3/6/2017 (Mon) to 3/10/2017 (Fri) 15:00 JST)

Club Rewards

Catch Bubbly Butterfly Peach with your Club Members to receive Bubbly Soap Bottles that can be traded!

(Bonus) Bubbly Bathtime - Club Rewards

Club Rewards





Capture Point Rewards

  • (Head Accessories) Flower Bubble Mini Silk Hat ver.A blue - 23,000 Style Points
  • (Pant/Skirt) Bathtime Sandals and Underwear ver.A blue - 200,000 Style Points
  • (Hand Accessories) Bubbly Handheld Showerhead ver.A blue - 1,870,000 Style Points
  • (Hairstyle) Twirling Shabon Ponytail ver.A brown - 3,820,000 Style Points
  • (Tops) Ribbon Bubble Mini Dress ver.A blue - 12,400,000 Style Points
  • (Tops) Fluffy Bubble One-Piece ver.A yellow - 24,000,000 Style Points
  • (Show Items) Glitter Heart Balloon Decor2 ver.1 - 38,900,000 Stlye Points
  • (Show Items) Rainbow Bathroom Stage ver.1 - 70,000,000 Style Points

Ranking Rewards

  • (Show Items) Bathtime Fantasy Stage ver.1 - Rank 1-10
  • (Face) Bubbly Bathtime Wondering Face ver.A blue - Rank 11-25
  • (Show Items) Rising Up Colourful Bubbles Decor2 ver.1 - Rank 26-50
  • (Tops) Relax Bathtime Girl Style ver.1 - Rank 51-75
  • (Show Items) Bathroom lighten up by Candles Decor1 ver.1 - Rank 76-100
  • (Tops) Bathtime Bubble One-Piece ver.A pink - Rank 101-200
  • (Hairstyle) Bathtime Side Braided Hair ver.A yellow - Rank 201-300
  • (Avatar Decor) Bathtime Surrounded by Fluffy Bubble ver.A white - Rank 301-500
  • (Pant/Skirt) Bathtime Ribbon Pumps and Underwear ver.A pink - Rank 501-1000
  • (Avatar Decor) Bathtime Bubbly Attacking Bubbly Rabbit ver.A pink - Rank 1001-2500
  • (Head Accessories) Ribbon Bubble Headband ver.A pink - Rank 2501-5000

Club Rewards

Catch Bubbly Butterfly Peach with your Club Members during the three stages:

  • Stage 1 from 2/28/2017 15:00 ~ 3/2/2017 15:00 (JST) 
  • Stage 2 from 3/2/2017 15:00 ~ 3/6/2017 15:00 (JST) 
  • Stage 3 from 3/6/2017 15:00 ~ 3/10/2017 15:00 (JST) 

Exchange for Bubbly Soap Bottles!

  • (Posing/Profile) Sexy Bathtime Pose ver.A black (16 Bubbly Soap Bottles)
  • (Tops) Lots of Bubbles One-Piece ver.A orange (12 Bubbly Soap Bottles)
  • (Avatar Decor) Surrounded by Bubbly Butterfly ver.A orange (6 Bubbly Soap Bottles)
  • (Head Accessories) Bubbly Bathtime Head Dress ver.A orange(4 Bubbly Soap Bottles)
  • Charge Drink (2 Bubbly Soap Bottles)
  • Limited Charge Drink (1 Bubbly Soap Bottles)


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