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Gacha Summary

Ancient Fortress - Hidden Castle in the Fog was a Remix Premium Gacha available from 05/28/2017 to 05/30/2017. It includes 5 ‘Number of Plays’ items, 32 Gacha Items and 9 Bonus items. For a limited time, the Bonus included 8000 Bird Cap, 1 Premium Rare Gacha Ticket, 1 10Play Premium Gacha Ticket, 1 Premium Gacha Ticket, 4 MAX Charge Drinks and 10 Charge Drinks from the Over 10,000 Twitter Followers Promotion. The promotion includes three ‘Trade without Doubling’ (Princess, Indigo Knight & Misty Girl) and a ‘Trade for the Item you Want’ promos.

Gacha Rates

  • Rare: 1.5%
  • Other: 98.5%


Number of Plays

Gacha Items

Bonus Items



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